01 February 2012

AoTuV on edcast

Winamp+edcast+icecast2 = broadcast yourself :) took me a while to realize how similar this to Skype, although I got nasty 10s lag which seems more to client issue rather than icecast.

But with only 128Kbps connection, realistically I only have ~60Kbps upload speed thus the bundled vorbis q0 (~64Kbps) just barely over the top. AoTuV will fix that! with q-1 (~48Kbps) still good for music or -2(~32Kbps) for speech I could get steady streaming, tested with Opera's proxy (turbo mode) as client on the same connection.

To enable aotuv replace edcast's vorbis.dll and ogg.dll with my dlls edcast_aotuv.7z

using the free Multiple DSP plugin will enhance audio "quality" by applying DSP FX and edcast simultaneously

depends on how complex is the audio channel separation, in most case we won't get any higher than 60Kbps

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