This is native version of cdrtools for windows (32bit). Cdrtools contain several open source utilities for burning cd/dvd/bd media, (pre)mastering and diagnostic. Native version has minor drawback compared to unix/posix-emulated version as cdrtools was originally made for. It's the main package for the popular mkisofs.exe which often included in many popular programs such as VMWare.

A minor patch is included in the archive to enable MinGW build (if you want to build your own).
Source can be obtained from

schily-cdrtools-3.02a09.7z 32bit
schily-cdrtools-3.02a07.7z 32bit / 64bit
schily-cdrtools-3.02a06.7z 32bit / 64bit
schily-cdrtools-3.02a05.7z 32bit / 64bit (manuals now in pdf format)
schily-cdrtools-3.02a04.7z 32bit / 64bit
schily-cdrtools-3.02a03.7z 32bit / 64bit
schily-cdrtools-3.02a02.7z 32bit / 64bit
schily-cdrtools-3.02a01.7z 32bit / 64bit
schily-cdrtools-3.01.7z 32bit / 64bit with 20151126 fixes
schily-cdrtools-3.01a31.7z 32bit / 64bit
schily-cdrtools-3.01a29.7z 32bit / 64bit
schily-cdrtools-3.01a28.7z 32bit / 64bit
schily-cdrtools-3.01a27.7z 32bit / 64bit
schily-cdrtools-3.01a26.7z 32bit / 64bit
schily-cdrtools-3.01a25.7z 32bit / 64bit
schily-cdrtools-3.01a24.7z 32bit
schily-cdrtools-3.01a23.7z  32bit / 64bit 
schily-cdrtools-3.01a22.7z no LFS
schily-cdrtools-3.01a19.7z no LFS
schily-cdrtools-3.01a18.7z no LFS
schily-cdrtools-3.01a17.7z no LFS
schily-cdrtools-3.01a13.7z or mkisofs.exe (only if you already know the difference between 3.x and 2.x)
schily-cdrtools-3.01a13rev2.7z (exe only)

If you want the posix-emulated (cygwin) of cdrtools go to
If you want GUI version, there are several alternatives but I recommend CDRTFE which is the hardcore front-end of all although also friendly and efficient for novice too. It able to authoring CD/DVD with emulated POSIX filename under Windows!

There is also msys version (another posix-emulated) of it bundled in moluccas.

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