12 February 2012

JSCoreGTK 1.6.3 static build win32

JSCoreGTK is part of WebkitGTK and JSCore can be said as the vanilla version of Google V8. During my unsuccessful attempt to build webkitgtk I have been playing with it instead. And it seems possible to have static version through many fraudulent practices of course :-), now it can be fully integrated to a project requiring JavaScript Engine (I think).

Static build (sjlj exceptions, TDM compatible):
jscoregtk-1.6.3_win32.7z 1.45MB

static interpreter in release and debug (no-symbols) version
JSCoreGTK 1.6.3 headers and static library
minimal Glib 2.28.8 static library
minimal pango 1.28.4 static library
libintl static library

- to build you may need to append -lpthread in LIBS
- the jscoregtk alone seems to be licensed under LGPLv2 only (slightly different from Webkit)
- I also made spidermonkey mingw binary here for comparison

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