26 March 2011

GTK+ 3.0 Win32, not quite there

While GTK+ 3.0 has been around for almost 2 months it lacked many bugfixes from GTK+ 2.22. As a result it looked more like GTK+ 2.18 with new packed features. Below is the not so new feature  (GTK+ 2.21?) of tool palette, actually there is a lot more but most aren't available in demo yet.

flickering issue in GTK+ 3.0 Win32

25 March 2011

First facial sketch

Friday MyPaint Sketch #3
My first attempt to sketch a random face. Not much to show, but I started learn many tricks. Maybe next time I should depict a model photograph?

22 March 2011

Some Unicode Fonts for Windows XP

My reference here is displaying wikipedia in near perfect. http://www.wikipedia.org
Font preference is based on license: SIL OFL, LGPL, GPL with font exception, other free to use and distribute license and the last: plain GPL.

For Windows XP SP3
wangdi (Tibetan) made by Bhutan government under free to distribute and use like license
phetsarath (Laos) LGPL
utkal (Oriya, India) GPL
khmer busra (Cambodia) SIL OFL
padauk (Myanmar) SIL OFL
LKLUG (Sinhala, Srilanka-India) GPL
abyssinica (Ethiopia) SIL OFL
MPH 2B Damase (various languages) Public Domain
oskiwest, oskieast (native americans) GPL


- AFAIK Windows 7 users only need MPH 2B Damase and padauk
- plain GPL means: font embedding = GPL infection

19 March 2011

The Bullshit of Mega Tsunami Documentary

Hard Evidence vs Marketing Mumbo Jumbo
So the movie made by western and the research "presumably" took place only at Mediterranean sea (in oddly prehistoric timeline). The claim (computer generated prediction) is brave too!

I just watch it by now, a post 2004 Aceh tsunami documentary movie production to remind the recently Japan tsunami. The first time I heard the words "prehistoric mega-tsunami happened in Mediterranean sea" is like RETARDED. Of course it doesn't *sounds* nicer if they say ahem Pacific right? I meant who's the audience anyway. This similar to err the super volcano from US documentary instead of the more scientifically provable Toba super volcano. Then I think, so what cause that mega tsunami? wait there is no significant moving seabed there! so if it's not tectonic then volcanic? (still on my mind) of.... ETNA?!

Guess what next they mention it!

16 March 2011

The nearly invisible menu GTK in Win7

Annoyed? Irritated?
Well, not that I'd care about it :P (I use XP not 7sins)

Here is the patched libwimp.dll (overwrite yours) so the text wont highlighted.

And the issue in msw_style.c (only in version 2.16.x?)

/* Prelight */
sys_color_to_gtk_color (XP_THEME_CLASS_TEXT,

12 March 2011

PMing Python binding for libMing

Ming, a free open source SWF (Flash) creation library.

This is win32 binary of mingc (PMing) python binding (using ming-0.4.4dev). See shape.py for example, path creation is similar to cairo.

License: LGPL 2.1


from ming import *


s = SWFShape()
s.setLine(40, 0x7f, 0, 0)
s.setRightFill(s.addFill(0xff, 0, 0))
s.movePenTo(200, 200)
s.drawLineTo(6200, 200)
s.drawLineTo(6200, 4600)
s.drawCurveTo(200, 4600, 200, 200)

m = SWFMovie()
m.setDimension(6400, 4800)


04 March 2011

The Midship Wont Land

Friday MyPaint Sketch #2
Style? newform, proportion and composition (3 basic things I learn from my university days)
it's still far from finished as this drawing have infinite expansion possibilities.