12 February 2012

Freenode banned toonel.net

Just noticing now why pidgin so stubbornly not logged me in into #freenode IRC. Why banned? what about my privacy? People with public IP? Come on that's no fun at all, I need to hide my ass from any possible intrusion and penetration. Even now, some sites have also banned Opera's proxy a.k.a "Turbo mode" which also hide your identity. Now what? should I use the sluggish Tor network?

Really.. is this part of ACTA SOPA or PIPA so they could catch their prey easily? arrrgh


  1. Hi

    We ban many VPN/tunnel providers when their services are used to abuse the network. This isn't to do with SOPA/PIPA at all for us.

    I'm afraid that the only suggestion I can give, indeed, is to use Tor if you are concerned about your hostname being revealed.


  2. Thanks for your attention Martin

    will see if Tor works for me...
    wish the best for freenode