28 January 2011

Building WebkitGTK on Windows

update Mar 2014: The issue regarding mingw-w64 winapi no longer valid as tried with version 3.1.0 and webkitgtk 1.10.2

brief instruction for 1.6.1:
Download source from here file: mingw32-libwebkitgtk-1.6.1*.rpm (opensuse's patch included)
With 1.6.1 we can use msys-perl 5.8.8 instead of strawberry's and none of my patches below except datadir.patch applicable. At maximum configuration (without geolocation) we can use:

configure --enable-mathml --enable-link-prefetch --enable-animation-api --enable-register-protocol-handler --enable-web-timing --enable-datagrid --enable-page-visibility-api --enable-3d-rendering --enable-image-resizer --enable-touch-icon-loading --prefix=/c/GTKDEVEL --with-gtk=2.0 --with-target=win32 --with-unicode-backend=glib

which require additional gstreamer, in my brief test it gain score: 100 on ACID3 and 296 on http://html5test.com. However there are some regressions: annoying text/image flickering and several widget misplaced also plugins still not implemented yet. Best gtk to use with is probably 2.24.8.

  To shrink the runtime dll size to around 40% smaller, force the use of -Os flag (need to manually edit Gnumakefile) or disabling SVG/video will reduce size significantly.

VipsCC Python, an Alternative to PIL

Taken from their wiki:
libvips is a fully demand-driven, threaded image processing library with no image size limits and with good support for colour. It is mature and documented.

Comparison with other imaging package also available

Though not so pythonic their binding is fully featured and comparable with C command-line version. Personally I use it to manipulate HDR image (exr) and NASA Blue Marble Imagery but unfortunately whenever I build it with direct OpenEXR support, vips become broken. Though other HDR format available (radiance) the later is more widely used in scientific field than in multimedia world. As a workaround vips can utilize ImageMagick (as image import) which recent version support OpenEXR though arguably limited to 16bit whereas exr theoretically could support up to 32bit.

27 January 2011

Make a proper free GM set

OLPC project has it! http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Sound_samples (Another gigantic well worth downloads)
Studios and professionals kindly donate it to OLPC and OLPC give it to the public under CC 3.0 BY.

As no one tried to make a GM set in SoundFont or GUS format yet I'm interested to make one as alternative to the improperly licensed freepats project which is under vague GPL. Surprisingly this is seems the only free GM set around since Eric Welsh originating it circa 90s! and went through various license changes.

First I'll use Viena to build SoundFont version then convert it to GUS using unsf? so project like timidity and wildmidi could use it. OPM donated samples was the potential candidate to be a GM though Dr. B said there will a true GM set released soon.

Conservative All in One PyGTK Installer

!!OBSOLETE WARNING!! This one looks very promising instead, I might update this pack or maybe not... since it would be pointless. Anyone who like to build pygtk python bindings may read my post here. It's for mypaint but relevant

BIG PyGTK Packages to keep you busy before migrating to GTK-3, PyGI and Python 3. Or are you want to try PyGI PyGobject try my experimental build 13 February 2013 here

22 April 2012
Alternate download for people who hate installer :-)
no changes except it doesn't include extras and have updated libcairo

22 July 2011
headers.7z (7.86 MB)
Just in case you're C developer and interested to use this runtime... (note that I build all from scratch even things like zlib, so it's completely unofficial)
headers only  (may contain unnecessary headers), import lib and static lib are too huge for me to upload
I'll assume you can use dlltool to make implib