29 January 2013

MyPaint and PyGI

Got several emails from mypaint users who want to know the progress of windows version. I have tidying up what I left last weekend. I hope you could participate as I lack of time nowadays.

Several days ago a user of gramps (gramps-project.org) put his interest on my PyGI build which motivated me to look at it again after I failed to get it work with mypaint. Last sunday I put new PyGI build which better than previous one (read the comments here), in short it's "somewhat" working but I still find many non-crashing errors and warnings when run Gramps 4.0a3 though. Later I tried it on mypaint and it started! but gave me loads of fatal error messages and crashes. This make me unmotivated again :(

The important thing with GTK 3.6.4 is pressure-sensitive tablet apparently working.

So what we got here?
GTK 3.14.8 = OK
GTK 3.10.x - 3.14.7 = completely broken (no pressure, no lag, just mouse-like) errr
GTK 3.8.x = laggy and imprecise  please compare with gtk 3.6?
GTK 3.6.x = somewhat OK
Reported working tablets = Mostly wacom tablets, Samsung ATIV SmartPC SPen, P-Active XPC-1910A LCD Tablet, Genius Mousepen, Monoprice (need latest driver, see Aroidzap's comment), LE1700 Motion Tablet
Known incompatible = Genius G-Pen

For those who want to use UC-Logic drivers see https://gna.org/bugs/?21864

note: use 7zip 9.x with lzma2 support to extract the archive

MyPaint 1.2.0 released https://github.com/mypaint/mypaint/releases/

mypaint-1.2.0b.7z (GTK 3.14.15 + Anti-Art's experimental brush settings + brushpack + dothiko enhancement, Dec 28, 2015)
mypaint-1.2.0a.7z (GTK 3.14.13 + Anti-Art's experimental brush settings + brushpack , July 3, 2015)
mypaint-1.1.1a.7z (GTK 3.14.9 + Anti-Art's experimental brush settings + brushpack , April 1, 2015)
mypaint-1.1.1a-debug_win32.7z  (GTK 3.14.8 debug, February 11, 2015)
mypaint-1.1.0+git-823aa882.7z (GTK 3.8.9, October 8, 2014)
mypaint-1.1.0+git-e06d414_rev2.7z (GTK 3.8.9, March 25, 2014)
mypaint-1.1.0+git-e06d414.7z (GTK 3.8.9, March 21, 2014)
mypaint.exe (GTK 3.6.4, December 14, 2013) Single exe, Can be manually associated wih ora, Missing icon fxed, Try tahoma font (unicode compatibility?), Enable lot more file formats to import (gdk-pixbuf testing)
mypaint-171113_3.7z (GTK 3.6.4, December 05, 2013) Try to optimize more
mypaint-171113_2.7z (GTK 3.10.4, November 17, 2013) Confirm that tablet doesn't work?
mypaint-171113.7z (GTK 3.8.6, November 17, 2013) MRU and lag workaround
mypaint-161113.7z (GTK 3.8.6, November 16, 2013)
mypaint-121013.7z (GTK 3.6.4, October 12, 2013)
mypaint_270113git_dbg_rev2.7z (old)

Please give comments at http://forum.intilinux.com/mypaint-general-discussion/mypaint-1-1-for-windows/

Some info that might be useful when reporting bugs:

lag+break bugreport (if you find something new please post at the bugtracker to let mypaint devs know)
zoom bug, currently unreported as this is a packaging issue (will be irrelevant)

mypaint 1.1.0+git
python 2.7.5
pygtk 2.24.0
pygobject 2.28.6
pycairo 1.10.0
psyco 2.0
numpy 1.8.0rc2
pygi/pygobject 3.4.2
gobject introspection 1.34.2
gtk+ 2.24.14
gtk+ 3.6.4
atk 2.6.0
cairo 1.12.10
pango 1.32.6
glib 2.38.1
gdk-pixbuf 2.26.4

Inside the 7zip file contains:
mypaint_gtk2.bat -> run mypaint in GTK2/PyGTK mode
mypaint_gtk2_debug.bat -> run mypaint in GTK2/PyGTK mode under GDB session
mypaint_gtk3.bat -> run mypaint in GTK3/PyGI mode
mypaint_gtk3_debug.bat -> run mypaint in GTK3/PyGI mode  under GDB session

How to help?
- Report your tablet name, pressure sensitivity status, not just "it works" or "it doesn't work" or "it slow". Read comments below here, someone may give direction which driver to download.
- If you're user who use both Linux and Windows, try GTK2 and GTK3 and tells mypaint's devs if you spot a misbehaving of Windows' version.
- Tell mypaint's devs your suggestion to make Windows' version better.

Enjoy and Thank You!
More info about participating MyPaint development can be found at http://mypaint.intilinux.com/?page_id=18

28 January 2013

Overhead! overhead

The next tuma mingw should be a big one, really... a bloated one! thanks to the fairly long period after 0.6x the last release, it's now really turned to a distro of console based apps inside ConEmu box. I got miktex and whatever tex (asymptote, dblatex, jade, etc) integrated, along with dozens of additional tools. But I have big problem: clean-up

The cleanup turn out really overkill, I have done it almost every weekend since the end of december and still not finished yet. The total size expectedly grow almost exponentially. The number of apps? sheesh I've lost count of it, one thing for sure all of them are OSS and not even freeware can be included (maybe one grey area exception).

My msys folder has been accumulated to the level that executable lookup (those in PATH environment) is slowed down to a noticeable 1 second. But then wasn't it is the same condition for a fully installed cygwin too? dunno but it's really annoying.

I think it needs renaming too, something like Crossblaw: Console oRiented OSS between Linux and Windows. Afterall it's not about my gcc build anymore... Now now the name get bloated too lol

I hope it could benefit many Windows users (especially newbie) who want to taste the best that generic Linux has offered, powerful loads of console apps. Because I know that the GUI part of Linux is still no match for the undead XP. Vice versa of course.

Final problem: How I supposed to upload this monster (if it ever done)? too bad I'm living in a country with medieval internet infrastructure.

Gotta sleep now

06 January 2013

Wis rak iso maneh, mbobol indosatm2

Awet 26? Desember kae "bolonge" indosatm2 kethoke wis ditembel :) mbiyen (wis rong taun luwih) aku iso entuk akun broadband CDMA, IP publik (enak nggo P2P), lan quota unlimited gratis tjuk, lumayan tho cuma modal kertu perdana limang ewu thok iso ngenet taunan.

Jane aku jek ngarep-arep yen ki mung sementara, kan iso uga ono sing didandani apane ngono. Yo wis lah matur suwun kaliyan indosat aku wis pikantuk ilmu kathah saking internet. Donlod'ane wis tekan 200 DVD! Suwun sanget!

Saiki wis bener2 1 RUIM = 1 akun tenan. hehe, yen nyoba mbobol akun pascabayar bakal ntuk error 718 (biasane 691).

Indosat2 bolong koyo ngene kok kudu ngenteni telung taun (luwih ya'e) lagi diprenahke! network admine mangan gaji buta kwi, ha ha.

Ki aku lagi jajal smartfren, kethoke unlimited sing paling murah yo? namung sakdurunge, meh jajal nembak superwifi lokal ah.