31 March 2013

Still playing AOM and never get bored

This long weekend I got a visit from my only sister and we going out a lot. After that I want to post about new chm books that I made from mirroring Mozilla's MDN and cppreference.com as well as some others but my mood went off after yet another bitter experience with stackoverflow, this time I try to answer (or to help) but a web whizkid playing words with me and I lose. I think for a while and baffled... wow it's hard to give a help (the "help" is there, but the "give" is denied) whatever, I learn my mistake. Anyway the book might handy for people with limited internet access like me, and will be part of my mingw distro. But instead of uploading it, I play AOM to kill some free time, playing god.

The game is from 2002, I played it for the first in mid-2003 in my freshman year at college. That's a decade! I'm not really a gamer though, but I will play another if one release something like AOM (with deep customization mod), anyone know?. AOM is cool, I mod around  the game a lot and that amplify the "playing god" aspect. Such as create a super-blessed force vs 6 AI players in titan level or just challenge the AI with tricky map, ok the AI is not that great (for today standard). Also AOM teach history (of myth) too, would great is there is at least 8 Civilizations, beside the existing three (excluding the ridiculous atlantis), add one from one of many african (not egypt) civilization, Babylonia, India, Chinese (Japan also share a lot similarities) and one of native american. Those sure have good myth creatures to play :) hmmm the gods vs gods or add a robotic civilization so it will be the gods vs machine. lol

13 March 2013

Uploaded finally...

At last after more than 24 hours, rsync does its job flawlessly, I wonder why googlecode don't have this feature. Finally three months of uncertainty have put my MinGW distro into version 0.7, tons of stuff are there and all of them 100% OSS, portable and mostly build as standalone exe. This is largest package I have ever made! phew...

I hope everything works out of box! Being thinking about its suitable usage: "A mini distro for flash drive / external HDD aimed for advanced users" sort of PortableApps platform but Command Line oriented, yes a distro because it encompass many purposes beyond a complete build environment. It include browser, spreadsheet, notepad, image/video editor, etc.

All of my experience with MinGW and my exploration of OSS to date is reflected in this download, also all that not covered by this blog and even many stuff that not yet uploaded at http://code.google.com/p/osspack32/ all should contained here:


Some of larger documentation such those in chm/info format will follow, right now man is there to help.

06 March 2013

List of UPX Illiterate AntiVirus

I want to make a black campaign and my target is some consistently ignorant AntiVirus makers.
Thanks to virustotal.com for make this painless

Simple case:
1. gplc.exe (gnu prolog) https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/9e2acb4176669e48f7a0aadd3fcbb39ade979b8843be87db9da5a42fe10ec290/analysis/1362534179/
2. pack gplc.exe with UPX https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/381976956f94d747407e9beaa9231dacdbd6bc19093621cc8058a3bbd09f3b06/analysis/1362534370/
3. unpack packed gplc.exe with UPX https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/86323543730fc67432854d6ff4eceaa6b0a8096befbce37fa6062d9e4450d4ff/analysis/1362534576/

The suspect file http://osspack32.googlecode.com/files/GPLC.7z

And the award goes to:

1. TheHacker
2. TrendMicro
3. TrendMicro-HouseCall

Now that's just a simple case, but if an executable involving networking functionality the analysis of our AV "champion" will goes into cosmic territory and hallucination... such pathetic and irresponsible (they will rely on user report) behavior should never exist in a software of AntiVirus caliber. More.. some big company make actually malware-behaving software and force AV maker to whitelist them as reported by nirsoft. But when false-positive involve open source technology it become ignorance

UPX itself is an open source software to compress executable.

So stay tuned with this page for most updated list of antivirus whose programmer can't read any single line of UPX source codez. ha ha

So what? Why just "don't use UPX" and that "UPX is useless, bla bla... anyway" ?
Well because we're human dude, and we fix our mistake !