31 October 2009

Blender 2.5 Optimized 32bit (with QuickTime support)

This weekend is the last day in October and Blender 2.5 will not finalized any soon considering BGE & Player still broken. I try for the first time to build the latest SVN. After reading building guide at Blender.org, my first impression is I need python 2.6 or 3.1 to build. I'm lol'd to find out that it's actually about the blender runtime which is the latest version only support python 3.1. In fact while I build using 2.6 using latest beta scons I found strange errors with MSVC compiler while GCC done its job. I try switch back to Python 2.5 with stable scons, now it's the opposite that happened. MSVC finished and GCC failed but I still got both compiled :)

GCC version is very odd one, even at its default -O2 flag it is crash-prone binary. So I need to apply -Os instead to compensate thus GCC version runs much slower than MSVC in many test.

September 18 2010
Updated: Blender 2.54.0 Beta Win32 SVN r32000 with OpenMPJuly 27 2010
Updated: Blender 2.53.0 Beta Win32 SVN r30777 with OpenMP

Blender 2.5 snapshot CHM Documentation (5.84MB)
Get Blender 2.4 Manual PDF by Marco Ardito here
Blender 2.4 Complete CHM Manual by me here
Find other Blender stuff here 

To build with OpenMP support without buying M$ VisualStudio you could use WDK 7.0 that available for free and contain Visual C++ 2008 Standard Edition (Compiler only)

Oh, my svn client really fucked up, this page won't updated until I get less intrusive svn client.

24 October 2009

So the earthquake never alleviated?

A couple minutes ago another largescale eathquake struck Maluku (Moluccas) at 7.3 this is one day followup of scale 6 in Irian. Damn! sometime I always feared that this chained quakes is just a beginning of more larger disaster.

Nonetheless, I never worried about myself (north coast of Java) being threatened by earthquake/tsunami but volcanoes. Still this country seems suffer too much, too often and too painful. Borneo does a safer place from any kind disaster IMO except from flood.

Good luck for everyone who lived near subcontinental plate! Keep alert!

21 October 2009

Cool Shell Extensions Installer For XP

This is a collection of freeware to extend explorer's ability that feature:

- Create new folder via context menu
- Change case of a filename
- Select All files from context menu
- "Back" via context menu instead of button
- Change file's date and time from file properties
- Change file attributes via context menu
- Toggle show hidden file/extension via context menu
- Create directory listing (current or recursive) via context menu, saved as dirlist.txt in target folder
- Show Extended properties of Font files
- Show File's Hash from properties or saved as checksum file
- Spawn Command box in current folder from context menu
- Decode email encoded attachment file -> I think its unstable
- Show "Copy To.." and "Move To.." via context menu
- Show extended File's InfoTip including audio file's tag such as ogg -> I think its annoying
- NTFSLink : Create and Manage Hardlink and Junction
- Enable Thumbnail mode for commonly unsupported image files such PSD, TGA, PCX and many more
- Show Context Menu Thumbnail for common images and some unsupported image files
- Find target of a shortcut immediately via context menu
- Copy selected file's filename to clipboard via context menu
- Enable IPTC creation in supported image file's properties
- Encrypt / Decrypt file -> I think its unstable
- Run application with arguments
- Resizing common images

from [windows]\system32\shellext (default install folder) you could see the author from dll's infotip.

Personally I called it PimpShell (1.3Mb)

note: this is unattended installer good for svcpack injection of unattended windows installation, to uninstall goto Add/Remove and look for PimpShell

(OK this post is off-topic anyway)

20 October 2009

Manage duplicate files with NTFSLink

NTFSLink is an opensource software that act as shell extension to make creation of hardlink and junction as easy as clicking which is more comfortable than M$ fsutil or other console-based alternatives. Both (hardlink & junction) have been "hidden" part of NTFS in a decade, yet there are not many user use it.

Linux symlinks does better suited here because by using centralized root "/" of filesystem there is no confusion about "where the starting point is?". Here M$ Windows come with multi volumes of C:\ D:\ or more apropriately a mountpoint stuff that imply limitation to hardlink and junction fuctionality. Which in some extent M$ saw that as a threat rather than benefit.

I'll not go into details here (its pretty much low-level stuff), instead I will give some examples:

1. Arrange a repository or such thing in a project involving external dependencies

When I create a project, usually I place it in organized folder like [date]\[project name] or similar. In a project like 3d, cad, webpage, video-editing or flash I work with many other files arround which is generally located in a repository.  Now I not used  to alter repository files directly (always save as somewhere). With junction I could link this folder (in repository) into my own project folder without additional space needed and it will treated like ordinary folder regardless the software I run (It will just always worked). Even with NTFSLink uninstalled it will permanently worked (but without icon folder that indicated a junction).

D:\Repo\Textures\House --> D:\Data\[Username]\[Date]\[Project]\House

We should see the benefit of relative path immediately from that...

2. Spacesaving related

First remember the rule that junction is used to only link folder within volume or across volume (mountpoint) while hardlink is only for files across directories inside the same volume.

A simple example, when I play a games, sometime times its more convenient if we create ISO images to the original CD, installed them (which usually just create a duplicate of  CD content into harddisk) then play. With juntion we could delete the game's data inside installation folder and replace it with junction from Virtual CD Drive instead.

remove "C:\Program Files\MotoGp\pcdata" first
H:\pcdata --> C:\Program Files\MotoGp\pcdata

the same case for Encarta DVD and other related thing..

3. Resolve shared dependencies by hardlink instead of copying duplicate

Say you have a software that rely on a big files (for ex. a database) and you have several several version of it, worse the software didn't give you option to choose the location of the file aka it must be under \db folder. With hardlink you can distribute the large file throughout all version with no diskspace.

Same thing for large shared dll files. Like QT 4.5 Runtime DLLs that generally huge

4. Relocate a folder

Your aging C: partition has running low space. Even so you need to install a software that store its huge temporary files just to failing the installation itself cause you running out of space

Using junction you can relocate your temp folder outside C: partition, thus give your C: some extra breath. All done without messing with registry setting.

remove "C:\Document and Settings\[username]\local settings\Temp"
D:\tmp --> C:\Document and Settings\[username]\local settings\Temp

note: folder didn't need to be the same name, system will read setting from regisitry which is "C:\Document and Settings\[username]\local settings\Temp" then mapped into D:\tmp

But let say "whooa It still not sufficient !" then you felt regret for placing GTA installation in C:\ ? Ok don't uninstall your GTA :) use junction to relocate it to somewhere spacious. Likewise system will recognize GTA as it was installed on C:\Programs Files but when GTA run all with be redirected to new location and your software can now be installed :)


With junction you can create a folder in other partition e.g. D:\Programs\Miktex then junction it to C:\Miktex and then proceed installation with C:\Miktex as installation target thus you will not losing a single bytes on C:\. Same case can be applied to software that just can be installed in C:\

Of course there are endless possibilities of what you can achieve with hardlink and junction.

M$ didn't seems to care much about this feature, as you might eventually wondering why. Infact M$ use it extensively in Vista and 7 to manipulate compatibility with older windows directory structure.
For example there is C:\Document and Settings but there is also C:\Users which one of them contain junctions.

I build shell extension package (freeware including NTFSlink) here

19 October 2009

A trojan named unwise_.exe in Windows\Fonts

A virus with filename unwise_.exe have just went on rampage undetected (at least by task manager even by Process Explorer) on my windows. A new method of penetration?

In my experiment executing application under Fonts folder will normally listed by task manager, however if I kill the process the application itself won't die but task manager reported it as it was already died (not listed anymore) interesting huh!. Anyway due to the nature of special folder, any files that not a font files is never shown on explorer despite what you do to counter (set to show hidden files for  ex.).

The trojan seems break firewall policy through administrator account as confirmed by registry entries HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SharedAccess\Parameters\FirewallPolicy. Then create services named Windows Hosts Controller which you could remove it later after terminating unwise_.exe by Sysinternal pskill (we can search the PID from [netstat /b]) then [sc delete "Windows Hosts Controller"] command for further deletion. In command box under Fonts folder: [attrib unwise_.exe -s -h -r]. Finally [del unwise_.exe].

The obvious impact of this trojan is causing a windows socket error which as long as trojan active, other activities like browser went defunct (unable to connect). Although from [netstat /b] command, its clear that unwise_.exe process was actively sending packets.

M$ never ceased us to end of worries lol

Ok.. shame on me.. I got infected with this virus again (8x actually) and certainly its came from internet. But how? I decide to do full analysis by self infecting the virus in VM.

Stunning, this trojan depend only to kernel32.dll.. could it be written in assembly? More, my two watchdog (regmon and filemon) didn't get any duplication routine other than in fonts folder and self deletion of its original source nor it harm/modify other windows file. Now thats strange...

Damn now I lose my only one specimen. Next time when I get infected, I will note its network activities as reported by netstat..

Hmm.. the trojan always has different filesize, and attack microsoft sites
OK.. finally I set deny "write" policy for administrators to fonts folder temporarily...

18 October 2009

Hotlinking enabled free file hosting service

I was seeking a free service for hosting my files here. I have tried the list from wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File_hosting_service) yet I have losing trust from my two favorite (hotlinkfiles.com and fileden.com).

I use hotlinkfiles way back before fileden, the most obvious problem with it was it's consistency. For example, I've uploaded 2 archive and tested it, in the next week the file could be reported as "cannot be found" although its there. And that happened consistenly while my space usage is 50% or more.

Feeling disatisfied I move on fileden. Its great actually, up to now its have been 3 month since I registered for free there. Most of the problem was related to bandwidth reset period. But this time I felt that my files has been fully unobtainable anymore... and still no answer from fileden.com and I'm sure my files are legit (just freeware and open source stuff)

From wikipedia's list I get one that meet my criteria : dropbox (referral, help me gain more space :))
Its perfect feature is a client application (based on python) that enable seamless integration (almost like svn) with explorer (also available for Mac & Linux) other feature like hotlink, resumable download are works as expected. Plus, it doesn't have file extension restriction too. All this too nice feature sometime make me feel suspicious sometime :-/. Oh  yeah, don't get too excited with wikipedia stats as most of them no longer offer DIRECT (instant or hot or whatever you call) link.

I'm also try other risky possibility like:

1. Public ftp, one of my candidate is ftp.lesliedombi.com which after 2 days examination it has a big downtime in a day. But hey they got interesting stuff there :))

2. Public hfs, In case you don't know its ftp like http server which focus on file sharing. There are hundreds of them some may active others may defunct. To find them (which allow you to upload) in google way, use these search string : "HttpFileServer" "Servertime:" upload.
Many of them are russian site. Sometime you can also find other illegal material there such as movies and warez...
However the issue by using hfs : finding a good host (one that server-like) is pain and mostly there is no warranty about uptime and security (what if they use windos? lol)

Now its time to put files on dropbox, and all files will get online soon.

17 October 2009

My apologize about screwed-up fileden

I'm pretty unaware about this down. I've been busy lately... And realized that my fileden account has been locked up. I'm not sure whats happened, it used to be normal monthly bandwidth renewal but also lately there are many visitor from deviantart.

Its also possible that my account was overloaded. But in case of that it should be resetted by now. I will try to find new alternative now... once again sorry... T_T

If you searching fileden alternatives like me, visit this post

06 October 2009

Setuptools for Python 2.6 in EGG?

Have just recently migrated to python 2.6.2 then I search for setuptools for my egg packages. In my sense, since one of the tool's purpose is for installing egg so it shouldn't be egg -_-? Nope its provided as egg, err windows here.. it can't be as easy as "sh setuptools-0.6c4-py2.6.egg" .

I know later on that "all" I have to do is finding ez_setup.py file. Where this have been told anyway? pypi.python.org didn't tell but google will... To conclude: In case you are preparing python from scratch then unless you're wired, you'll need both ez_setup.py & egg files kept in your storage. How convenient was that? I know distutil isn't the supported way and egg will be the preferred one but still...

Maybe I will make distutil installer...oh here you are

02 October 2009

I'm wearing batik today

KOMPAS.com -  Employees of state-owned companies and government institutions have for years adhered to a tradition of wearing batik on every Friday of the week.

But today is special because President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has called on all Indonesians to wear batik on that day to celebrate UNESCO’s decision to include batik in its list of "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity" items.

"Batik is regarded as a cultural icon with its own uniqueness. It conveys certain symbols and a profound philosophy, including man’s life cycle,  and it has been touted  by Indonesia as a non-material element of its cultural heritage," Coordinating Minister for people’s welfare Aburizal Bakrie told a press conference at Bogor State Palace on Sept. 7, 2009.

"We’ve been told that batik has been recognized as an element of global cultural heritage produced by Indonesians. The President has called on all Indonesians to wear batik on Oct. 2, to celebrate batik," the minister said.

Indonesia’s Batik, together with the Tango of Argentina and Uruguay, the traditional Ainu dance of Japan and France’s Aubusson tapestries were among the 76 elements inscribed on 30 September in UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, WAM, the United Arab Emirates’ news agency, reported on Wednesday.
These 76 inscriptions were decided by the 24 Member States of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Heritage, currently holding its 4th session in Abu Dhabi, from Sept. 28 to Oct. 2, 2009,  under the chairmanship of Awadh Ali Saleh Al Musabi of the United Arab Emirates.

UNESCO (United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization)’s list describes Indonesian Batik as: The techniques, symbolism and culture surrounding hand-dyed cotton and silk garments known as Indonesian Batik permeate the lives of Indonesians from beginning to end: infants are carried in batik slings decorated with symbols designed to bring the child luck, and the dead are shrouded in funerary batik.

The president’s call for batik dress has been supported by regional heads in a number of provinces and district, such as the Jakarta Governor, the East Java governor, and the Cirebon district head.

Earlier, on September 25, Jakarta Governor  Fauzi Bowo had issued an official appeal to  all Jakarta residents to wear Batik on October 2.

"Students, people who work in hotels and bars as well as those who work for private companies are also urged to wear Batik although there will be no sanctions if they fail to do so," said Aurora Tambunan, deputy for cultural and tourism affairs to the Jakarta governor, recently. 
UNESCO has already acknowledged the Keris (ceremonial dagger) and the Wayang (puppet show) as part of Indonesia`s cultural heritage. "Traditional music instruments namely Angklung and Gamelan are also in the process of being registered with UNESCO," Aurora said.
In the spirit of supporting Jakarta residents who wear Batik on October 2, the Jakarta city government would give special discounts to those entering recreation centers  in the city. "Museums run by the Jakarta regional government will give free tickets in the period October 3-7, 2009 only for those who wear Batik," chief of Jakarta city’s culture and tourism office, Arie Budhiman, said.
Among the museums to give free tickets are the Jakarta History Museum, Ceramic and Art Museum, Maritime Museum, Joeang Museum, MH Thamrin Museum and Textile Museum. "We will also distribute  Batik pins among visitors wearing Batik to the museums," Arie added.
On October 5, Ragunan Zoo would  give free tickets only to those who come wearing batik dress. On the same day, Ancol recreation park will give a 50-percent discount on tickets at its main gates, Atlantis and Gelanggang Samudera park.  Dunia Fantasi would  also give a 40-percent discount on the same day.
Batik, which has been developed for centuries particularly on Java Island, is cloth which traditionally uses a manual wax-resist dyeing technique.  But, thanks to modern advances in the textile industry, the term has been extended to include fabrics which incorporate traditional batik patterns.
Some scholars believe that batik was originally reserved as an art form for Javanese royalty in Central Java around Yogyakarta and Solo under the patronage of the Sultan and his court.  But, other scholars disagree and believe that batik was prevalence even to the common folk.

It was regarded an important part of a young ladies accomplishment that she be capable of being able to skillfully hand draw batik using the canting (the pen-like instrument used to apply wax to the cloth).  Batik or fabrics with the traditional batik patterns are also found in several countries such as Malaysia, Japan, China, India, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Nigeria, Senegal and Singapore.
But, unlike in other countries, Indonesia is particularly very proud of its batik which is considered as formal dress in official functions.  Batik are usually made of cotton or silk, which are comfortable to wear. And this benefits not only Indonesians, but also some foreign diplomats who prefer to use batik, and avoids suits, amidst Indonesia’s heat.
The government, through some of its agencies concerned, was giving special attention to batik makers as part of the efforts to perpetuate and  develop the Batik trade. The government, according to Cultural and Tourism Minister Jero Wacik, has provided the batik-making industry with assistance in the form of low-interest credits and  training in production processes and design making in several potential areas across Indonesia.
First Lady Ani Yudhoyono recently had called on all parties to expedite the regeneration of traditional batik craftsmen and women so as to preserve the craft as part of the nation’s cultural legacy. "It is a pity that batik development does not happen hand in hand with the regeneration of traditional batik craftspeople. Doing batik work actually needs patience but the skill can be bequeathed to the younger generation," Ani Yudhoyono said.
She said the younger generation should be immediately involved in the development of batik craftsmanship so that they can keep the craft alive and even make masterpieces themselves, and prevent batik from being claimed by other countries. "UNESCO itself has asked  Indonesia to ensure regeneration in the craft as a precious world cultural heritage," the first lady said.
Meanwhile, neighboring Malaysia, which shares a number of similar cultures with Indonesia including on batik but with its own unique specification, said it would study UNESCO’s decision, said Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin in Kuala Lumpur on Sept 17.
The government would make the study to ensure whether the decision would have a bearing on the traditional batik making in the country, he said.
"I do not have the full details (UNESCO’s decision) because Malaysia too has batik. We will analyse the actual meaning of the decision and whether the decision will affect the production of batik here," Yassin told reporters.

So what  can I say Malaysia? Should you lie to the world again?