20 October 2013

PyGI 3.10 Windows

In my attempt to update MyPaint I need to update PyGI as well as GTK. During compiling there is worrying result the glib 2.38.1 failed on 7 tests! The tests a bit different from previous versions though (in he past usually it passed all tests). GTK 3.10.2 seems missing def files and the new one isn't look any stabler than 3.6, the usual crashes still there despite major win32 fixes in cairo 1.12.16. Lastly I can't use new bindings (gir/typelib) as it always throw gmem.c overflow error during initialize in addition to that I need to comment PollFD override chunk in gi\overrides\GLib.py. Anyhow the new generated girs will still need diff/merge from those linux version...

So here is the new binaries using older typelibs (from pygi aio 3.4.2). This means no new features at python level, plus bugfixes and probably new bugs in the runtime. Currently only bare gtk included if new typelibs become usable I will add others.

pygi-aio-3.10_win32.7z (python 2.6 unsupported)

EDIT: rev2 and further revisions goes here https://sourceforge.net/p/pygobjectwin32/files