30 November 2011

A call to MyPaint 64-bit users

Hi all,

This is my second attempt to port 64-bit MyPaint. There still a problem with either my tablet or 64-bit GTK that trigger startup crash (mypaint died when gdk load wintab32.dll)

Therefor I need your reports :-)
1. Whether pressure works or not, because no pressure = your tablet treated as mouse = no fun
2. Overall impression, how it compared to 32-bit version and such

Please mention your tablet name, thanks
download here http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2554170/mypaint-1.0.0-win64.7z released : )

MSYS/MinGW Porting Kit

What I use to build most binaries here? MSYS+MinGW, yet I rarely post something specific about it...

Tonight I cleaned up my toolchains and dump everything into one kind of integrated package, a porting kit I would say. Formerly it just a small set of MSYS and TDM's GCC, slowly it grew up by adding some tools for packaging/deployment. Recently I even build my own GCC (i686-w64-mingw32 multilib) based on 4.6.2 version due to TDM's GCC multilib have default 64bit target which not so parallel with the spirit of 32-bitness of this blog fu fu fu... so I compile GCC multilib that do the opposite (32-bit by default and optionally targeting 64-bit). Furthermore as with  MinGW-W64 get matured but not fully compatible with MinGW32 I made alternate GCC mimicking official MinGW32 which migrated to dwarf2 based exceptions and switch between them as needed.

29 November 2011

Cdrtools mingw binary

This is 32-bit cdrtools binary package, probably best known in Windows world for its mkisofs, the most widely used free ISO mastering software. Although its popularity in Linux world a bit declining due to license issue in version 3, that doesn't seems affect most of Windows users anyway : )

Note that I only tried mkisofs since its cdrecord a bit weirdo to my liking it maybe working too, I would burn the ISO using alcohol or Windows' built-in burning. The binary is statically linked a.k.a standalone executables so you can pick only what you need. And don't given up to its --help, it does takes time to understand all those command options : ) just be patient.

Binary complete package (including docs and patch)

If you want the Unix way of cdrtools go to http://www.student.tugraz.at/thomas.plank
If you want the Windows way look no further than http://cdrtfe.sourceforge.net

Brief instructions to build from sources

Extract using WinRAR (or anything that understand symlinks) or just use tar command line

apply patch

To compile type:
make all
*just ignore the spurious moans and warnings during compile, if you know what I mean :))

26 November 2011

Modded GTK2_Prefs for portable apps

This is the stripped down  source (already autoconfigured) of gtk2_prefs originally by Alexander Shaduri which more suitable for portable GTK-based apps. Somehow I lose it and provide binary only previously,  now here is the modified source:


the reason why I do this
the unofficial binary

15 November 2011

GTK+ 2.24.8, Finally a proper successor to 2.16.6

Finally a bright future for MyPaint! (as well as Gimp and Inkscape I believe), a major bugfixes release has landed. See datails here http://ftp.acc.umu.se/pub/gnome/sources/gtk+/2.24/gtk+-2.24.8.news

All (most?) dreaded GUI and behavior issues have been swept :) tablet issues such as pressure and tilt also fixed. Hopefully they will bring GTK+ 3.x to the same level for Windows too.

MyPaint will use GTK+ 2.24.8 for the upcoming and long awaited 1.0 release! yay!