22 February 2011

A Book That Shape the Meaning of Happiness

Whew this month seems about personal stuff at all.

This time I want to share a book (& essays) from Andi Carloff, his weblink is in the left links pane (top). While it's not too obvious where the happiness is, this book surely draw the line of life principles which somewhat compatible with mine. Thus help me how I define happiness in my life. The book contains many raw truth of life that often washed out by common public opinion, talk about the norm and hypocrisy.

Maybe this book is not everyone's taste but after watch the whole middle-east revolution recently, I've come to realize more the importance of freedom and how any individual should know early on what they had by default. These encouraged me to share it so anyone who can't afford the internet could enjoy Andi Carloff's work at home.

I've asked his permission months ago to reproduce his website as chm e-book. Here is:

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2554170/punkersloot.chm (38.7 MB)
this book is a copyleft 

12 February 2011

Good Music Good Instrumental

Sometime music is just great without lyrics/vocal in it, which is pretty much how my taste described. Here is some great tunes of mainstream instrumental music on my winamp.

Guitar-oriented (Yeah I'm Satch's big fan):
Joe Satriani - The Forgotten
Joe Satriani - Bamboo
Joe Satriani - Always With Me, Always With You
Joe Satriani - Love Thing
Joe Satriani - What Breaks A Heart
Joe Satriani - Why
Joe Satriani - Searching
Joe Satriani - Andalusia
Joe Satriani - The Bells Of Lal
Joe Satriani - Banana Mango
Joe Satriani - Speed Natives
Joe Satriani - Crystal Planet
Joe Satriani - One Robot's Dream
Joe Satriani - Devil's Slide
Joe Satriani - Crushing Day
Joe Satriani - Belly Dancer
Joe Satriani - Cool #9
Joe Satriani - Killer Bee Bop
Al Di Meola - Flesh On Flesh
Al Di Meola - Nena
Al Di Meola - Dark Eye Tango
Al Di Meola - Beijing Demons
Al Di Meola - Kiss My Axe
Al Di Meola - Calliope
Al Di Meola - July
Al Di Meola - Electric Rendezvous
Al Di Meola - Passion, Grace & Fire
Al Di Meola - Race With Devil On Spanish Highway
Al Di Meola - Suite - Golden Down
Al Di Meola - Al Di's Dream Theme
Al Di Meola - Perpetual Emotion
Steve Vai - For the Love of God
Steve Vai - The Blood & Tears
Steve Vai - Bledsoe Bluvd
Steve Vai - Whispering A Prayer
Eric Johnson - Cliffs Of Dover
Eric Johnson (Electromagnets) - Blackhole
Eric Johnson - Magnetized
Eric Johnson - East Wes
Eric Johnson - A Song For Life
Eric Johnson - Manhattan
Pink Floyd - Marooned

Electronics/Beats/Trance (may contain minor vocal):
Chick Corea - Vulcan Worlds [extended version]
Teebee - Tsunami
Calyx - Illusion
Calyx Feat. Gridlok -  Dead Ringer
Serge - JooS!
Serge - Del-8 me
Safri Duo - Rise
Ill Skillz - Be There 4 U
Jamiroquai - Destitute Illusions
Fatboy Slim - Kalifornia
DJ Sylvan - Guitar Spell
Blue Man Group - Drumbone
Aphex Twin - Heliosphan
Aphex Twin - Xtal
Daf Punk - Around the World
Maksim - Huljic: Croatian Rhapsody
Maksim - Procession Of The Sardar
ATB - Tristan Da Cunha
Aquasky - Blue Thunder
Aquasky - Manmade Symphony
Arkimed  - L'Ultimo Dei Mohicani
The Chemical Brothers - Loops Of Fury
The Chemical Brothers - Saturate
The Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar
The Chemical Brothers - Freak Of The Week
Veracocha - Carte Blanche
Robert Miles - Children
Various Artists - Breakbeat Bass (Aquasky Non-Stop Remix)
Ed Rush - Pacman RMX RAM Trilogy

04 February 2011

Reminder: Sampit Massacre 2001

Ten years ago this month, ethnic war between Madura and Dayak commenced (19-28/02/01). I (and family) was living for a year at Sampit as Javanese newcomer 10 years before the event took place. What could be worse than a discrimination that repelled by lawless genocide (at least hundreds victims) How come this happened in 21st century. Shame on me

Let the photographs remind us:
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
warning: real gory images