31 January 2012

ImageMagick Win32 Pack

This package contain numerous file format command-line converter (all are open source software). The main package is ImageMagick (I think it's more complete than official build) with dozens other additions. While most are image format conversion, I put several addition to handle other documents (DWG, PDF, DjVu, WordPerfect, OpenXML and ODF), Audio/Video through ffmpeg and several SWF tools.

There is some overlapping functionalities though, for.ex IM could convert pdf to svg however Poppler's pdftocairo produce much better svg result. This case we could always modify delegates.xml and make IM do what we want and even to handle what it can't.

To use them effectively we need to be accustomed with batch script and IM has valuable guide for it http://www.imagemagick.org/Usage

To install, extract the archive somewhere and add [somewhere]\bin to your PATH environment variable, then start making .bat files and put them in your SendTo folder so it can be accessed from explorer's context menu.

download (with HDRI and OpenMP enabled):
IM-6.7.3plus_win32.7z 23.6MB [patches]
MD5: e4daa031556eef7b6c1c5b8227b065c1

Updated 32bit/64bit build available in main page

- IM's convert.exe has been renamed to imconvert.exe to prevent name conflict with Windows' convert.exe
- All binaries should run without dependencies except for ODF<->OpenXML converter which need .NET framework
- Most of them are my personal build (optimized for Core2 CPU), few others are taken from official build


  1. That's awesome, thanks for your hdri/openMP build. Just wondering: would a 64bit version be in the pipeline as well?

  2. Not yet, well 64bit will make sense for hi-res HDR though but I haven't fully migrate to 64bit Windows so even if I cross-compile it I won't use regularly. So far my pipeline (architecture) is still 32bit e.g. SketchUp, DraftSight, KT, Blender...

    Have you reach the ~4gb ram limit?