20 May 2011

Makedict xdxf to stardict converter

I'm looking for newest jargon dict for stardict, I'm sure have seen it sometime ago on the net but somehow I can't find it anymore. But there is jargon in xdxf format which Stardict should supported already? But stardict (3.0.3) can't loaded it strange...

Then I got this converter called makedict (0.4) from the maker of XDXF but without windows binary.. CMake and build.. so here is:
makedict-0.4.1 or
makedict.exe (static glib)
codecs (need python, extract to where makedict reside)
type "makedict --help" in your command prompt for options
to avoid name conflict please at least use: makedict -d [somewhere exists]
where [somewhere exists] is path to where converted dicts created

10 May 2011

SeaMonkey 2.1 is MoFo next arsenal?

Mozilla Foundation need SeaMonkey to keep competitive, at least in the near future...

Long time ago when Netscape spawn Mozilla (the browser), Firefox spawned as optimized, streamlined and brand new (avoiding Navigator image) version of Mozilla. Add it's cool name, people have no hesitation to migrate and yet it was the first succesful open source browser to gain so much userbase. Later Mozilla renamed to SeaMonkey probably because it become more like a "stepchild" (in term of popularity) of MoFo thus confuse users if named after the maker. That time I tried SeaMonkey 1.x and still not impressed (lack important compatibility and feature from it's sibling) but appreciate the stability. With Firefox 3.0 I start annoyed by it's bloatness and lead me to use K-Meleon for a while only to found that XUL is one of the culprit in Firefox. Then I move to Opera 10 cause it's more faster, neater and slim, I also use Chrome on occasion though. Chrome browser really know how to treat a noob, too bad I'm not, afterall it getting bloated too quick for a 4 year old browser. After more than a year with Opera I personally doesn't like how it render ftp page or how it freeze too often (though not crashed). To summarize: