30 September 2011

SMS-an Gratis saka Gmail

Aku wis njajal sms-an nggo akun gmail, enak tjuk! pertama nganggo 'ntuk jatah 50 sms gratis, ra mung kuwi tapi yo 'ntuk nomer cantik cuma 'nem digit (rung ngerti yen iku di-share po ra sih).

Umpamane dewe'e sms sepisan (nomer Indonesia: indosat, telkomsel, three) jatahe kelong siji, yen dibales 'ntuk jatah 3, yen ra tau dibales nganti 'ntek jatahe dienteni ae 24jam (sedino) ngko bakal mbalek dadi 50 meneh. Enak tho? Namung yaiku kudu ol terus tjuk!

Citranipun ngene (saka perambah chrome):

29 September 2011

URL leeching with turboupload.com

I have use it for about 2 weeks now, and found it very useful for me (men with 128Kbps). First, it is (as this writing) the only one that offer free 999MB (yeah) of space and bandwidth/day (free registration needed for url leeching).

- While its autogenerated link is tied to your IP and limited for 8 hours, it does a *resumable link*. Meaning you could use curl or wget or other download manager to continue download with the a renewed link.
- Fast leeching! I don't know what most people say about 500KB/s in average but I'd say that's fast!
- Your account isn't tied to IP or any kind of that mechanism. Meaning you can operate multiple turboupload accounts from each browser you have simultaneously.

- No executables allowed. Hmm.. actually that could be a showstopper :(

- You need to download a (supposedly big) tar snapshot from a git server like gitorious or github (aka non resumable download)
- Says it's about time for you to inquire some stuff from slow underground ftp sites you found at proisk.ru
- Your connection can't keep with the hourly changing file update like MSSE

Some tips for downloading wiki using WinHTTrack

I'm on my way updating several chm release now: Sketchup 8, Blender 2.5 and others. I use WinHTTrack rather than wget to download more complex sites like wiki pages. Here some important scan rules to get relatively clean offline wiki site:

+*.css +*.js -ad.doubleclick.net/* -mime:application/foobar -*title=* -*Category:* -*Org:* -*Meta:* -*Talk:* -*User:* -*Special:* -*File:* -*action=* -*section=* -*Dev:* -*Help:* -*Template:*

It's important to make sure you don't have "+*.png" or any other image types scan rule! instead use "Get non-html files related to a link" option in links tab to get images. Wiki is known use fake link to image file which actually a html file which confuse the spider.

Edit: since we don't download the intermediate html file, a regex like this could be used to clean the broken link on all images:
 <a href="http://.*?>(<img.*?)</a>  replace with $1

Offline download for gtalk labs edition

GTalk Labs Edition http://dl.google.com/googletalk/labsedition/

Url seems keep updated/changed though so better use a sniffing tool (nah no need wireshark to do this, smartsniff should be enough) to spot that url inside network packets... yeah I hate these crap nowadays "download an web-installer that download full installer during which sometime embed another installer (internet toolbar thingy anyone?)". What a pile of **** just give us clean msi please!


25 September 2011

Portable IBM Lotus Symphony 3 Fixpack3

Update 26 May 2012:
- now if somehow symphony stopped working (not started), deleting 'IBM' folder will reset settings
- revert to use soffice.bin since some featured hardcoded to this, thus do not run openoffice with symphony
- in 64-bit windows symphony didn't quit cleanly, fixed
- workaround for path with spaces 

Update 12 May 2012:

Apparently IBM has discontinued Lotus Symphony, what a shame :( (last version is 3.0.1)  so I decided to update this:
Portable Lotus Symphony 3.0.1 fixpack 1 All languages 194 MB or
Launcher only (to run pre-installed symphony 3.0.1 unmodified in portable mode) 678KB

- Although this was less than half smaller of original installer (570MB), it is really full version :)
- All jars and zips were unpacked so you may experience slightly better responsiveness
- Startup (as older version) also has been tweaked, it should be significantly faster than the original, especially after first run

- Although IBM has offered Symphony to Apache OpenOffice as open source, do note that this download remain illegal except the launcher download

A continuation of my guide here, I made small launcher (basically a 7-zip SFX) to make Lotus Symphony a little more portable. This is based on version 3 with fixpack 3, the SFX installer will extract to PortableSymphony3 folder from there run launcher.exe (symphony.exe.bak - the original launcher- has been renamed as I don't use it).

Unlike the original Symphony this one will kill soffice.bin (file has been renamed to prevent conflict) after exit to make it usable in removable drive. One caveat: don't run multiple instance of it... but that shouldn't be an issue as it was a multitabbed office anyway.

If you wish you could manually extract it with 7-zip

Portable Lotus Symphony 3 125 MB
md5: 8c85538e10d804136e4d394f6b8a93cb