17 February 2012

Anti Piracy Campaign: The police move ahead their mouth and brain

After reading http://tekno.kompas.com/read/2012/02/16/15242314/Kampanye.Anti.Pembajak

Indonesian police seems felt very stimulated by the recent SOPA news in the internet. Now it's show off time!

If the idea is A, the police officer may later said B and in practice it won't be A nor B. That's how it works here, yet they act in name of law and justice. Shouldn't they went to jail themselves before they try to clean someone else ass? These corrupt filthy police! how dare! KPK should arrest more generals to give them some lessons.

One of the absurd plan is the police would endorse that "a PC should be sold not without OS" because they "worried" users will abuse this by installing illegal software. Oh well another M$ running dog... (note: here, it's rare to see build-up PC like Dell being sold)

The government themselves are only half-hearted when promoting OSS, they appear to be inconsistent presenting OSS as a solution for anti-piracy and do not have the dick to promote the availability of OSS *before* endorse "use of original software". Not that I can expect they could be a model for the citizen anyway...  (note: original software by any common means of public knowledge is paid software)

Some of reckless acts by the so-called government (of course they failed because they are too old to understand teh internet):
- Censoring the net after some sex scandal video involving parliament's thieves and bitches and several public figures
- You can get jailed for saying (typing) something inappropriate via twitter

IMO in a country where piracy is too common to be said as illegal and the authorities are hypocrites (they precisely also pirates) at the best, raid after raid is a suicide move. After all the level of software usage mostly can covered adequately by switching into OSS. Educational institution instead should be more proactive spreading the OSS awareness, but last time I checked the faculty is busy buying software licenses. It's true that there are many field where OSS is unacceptable but otherwise it can't be that worse.

Oh be careful there is also cybercafe raid and notebook raid maybe next time your PC get raided and don't forget BSA too, they won't tell you the truth they just want to squeeze your pennies. If you ever read http://www.software-asli.com/faq.php where they seems advocating themselves to the "original software usage"  while the fact there is no "open source" word found in their FAQ is a no good sign for your life. So an open source software is not original software? nice joke!. Don't get bullied! they just another running dog of corporate software who don't care about the future.

People should realize how poisonous is when they're overly adept to proprietary software. Alternatives do exist and (sadly) waiting to be found and learned. And there is more than just price: freedom

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