20 September 2014

Retro Pacman Game

First post since very a long time hiatus :)

Looking for a real remade for classic pacman but for Windows? there is plenty but I can say funman which is part of funpack.net for windows http://www.classicdosgames.com/game/Funpack.Net_for_Windows.html is the closest one however while it said to be freeware the installer is the original shareware :confused:.

funman with the "entertainment pack" esque

Alternatively, with a quite improved gameplay is njam https://sourceforge.net/projects/njam/files/ which continued as commercial version here http://www.guacosoft.com/njam/About.php. No windows build for the open source version, so I made one. I made a little change of the default setting so it will started in windowed mode (patch included in download)


As a bonus I'd like to share newer win32 version of lbreakout http:/lgames.sourceforge.net/ which solve the mute of winamp (or possibly any other DirectSound playback) when the game started.


njam 1.25
lbreakout2 2.6.3