29 June 2015

SWFDec Windows

Not to be confused with SWFDec = SWF Decompiler, this one is decoder http://swfdec.freedesktop.org. And it is not that I interested in the player itself (Flash will soon die) but rather the fact that it use cairo canvas so it can export its rendered scene to SVG/PDF easily.

Swfdec itself need little patch for Windows because of its local file URI mangling. This tool is the inverse of svg2swf and based on existing swfdec-thumbnailer (swfdec-gnome). It still ongoing, I want to make it more like rsvg-convert plus ability to set particular timeline to snap but at moment it just convert flash movie up to version 7 (version 8 or 9 may crashed) into pdf, ps, png or svg. The final version would be included in the Converter homepage here.

Command: swfdec-convert [-s minimum width/height] input output
Download: swfdec-convert.exe 1.6 Mb

24 June 2015

Windows version of djvudigital

Long time no write.. didn't meant I'm not around. This post is yet another prove that I'm a faithful Windows user :-). Admittedly I have using Windows 8.1 for months now, and damn what a buggy explorer!

You probably heard about djvu format about 5 years ago. But it kinda failed to gain momentum against the venerable PDF. Despite its rather simple (or rather "sufficient") feature, it meant to be less malice format than PDF.

Djvudigital has been around with no cmd batch port... its Ghostscript driver also a bit controversial (for linux zealot). But in this windows world anything is good as long as it apparently works. duh

This batch of djvudigital is converted into exe for convenience and will act just like batch file (aka it *need* cmd) see "BAT to EXE" page for info. It not complete port of bash version but parameters is the same as linux one, note:  it doesn't do sanity check of the Ghostscript executable whether it support djvu or not.

- Ghostscript with djvusep device
- Csepdjvu (part of djvulibre)
- and off course working CMD
- optionally gzip or 7za/7z

Put all executables above in the same directory as djvudigital, you may put it in your PATH environment so you can called it anywhere. Type djvudigital --help for manual

djvudigital.exe 83 Kb

I've been using/abusing online-convert.com for a while for on-the-fly 'downversion' stuff from the internet, but no djvu there.