22 February 2012

Testing WebkitGTK3 1.6.3 Win32

This is a test using the supplied GTKLauncher with default settings, I have done most of these tests a year ago and found few workaround but mostly remain the same now.

Core components:
WebkitGTK 1.6.3
GTK+ 3.3.6 using adwaita theme
libsoup 2.37.3

Issue 1. 50% resources hog

When opening certain pages (in this case google.co.jp) browser will eat up 50% resources (my system is dual core).
Workaround: unfocus the window (you kidding me? that's not workaround)

Issue 2. Unicode glib, fontconfig and pango aliases.

Under Linux, baidu.com reportedly okay (glib backend) while becoming like this under windows, anyone knows why?

Workaround: build webkitgtk against ICU instead of glib, above is webkitgtk 1.2.7 with ICU (gtk2)

Wikipedia.org shown with freetype backend and default etc\fonts\fonts.conf

With freetype backend and modified etc\fonts\fonts.conf (add autohint, antialias and set tahoma as default). Here most indic languages is back, under windows 7 and pango 1.29 this should rendered near perfect like below but fonts.conf need to be set to segoe ui. Also notice dropdown list widget above is now properly rendered in GTK-3

With modified fonts.conf and modified pango.aliases (due to limitation in Win XP) also need additional unicode fonts.

Issue 3. Local file URI

Regression: webkitgtk 1.6.3 can't open windows' file URI see wikipedia, other schemes also failed

Here is how version 1.6.3 treat the triple slashed URI, it's like opening "/D:/Sources/webkit-1.6.3/html/index.html"

Application like Devhelp also affected

Webkitgtk 1.2.7 (GTK-2) correctly open local files

Issue 4. GCC miscompiles JavaScriptCore
When compiled against win32 api from mingw-w64, for example webkitgtk produce the following anomalies:

Numbered list stopped after 9th...?
Google top menu not shown in black

Workaround: use mingw32 or find the culprit?

Issue 5. Video

With gstdirectsoundsink and gstautodetect from gst-plugins-good webkitgtk3 also could play html5 video canvas and compared to 1.2.7 there is time lapse info. But other issue still the same: once volume muted sound will gone forever. Notice that fullscreen mode doesn't work in Windows so don't clicked it.

Issue 6. Printing doesn't work properly

Webkitgtk seemed to print with correct outer frame width (fitted?) and anything else is scaled down by approximately 8 times (thanks to Pawel for the report). Not an issue under linux.

Workaround: scaling up before printing

Issue 7. No plugins
And that's what youtube said

Okay that's enough with the problems :-)

Good :-)

Notes: If anyone encountered Mutex (pthreads) issue during building try to use https://mingw-w64.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/mingw-w64/experimental/winpthreads/

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