31 December 2009

Make your own PDF from FLOSS Manuals

Yesterday I search for Inkscape documentation that match for 0.47 version from http://en.flossmanuals.net/Inkscape/. However their generated PDF is lack of images and quite old, so I decided to made my own. The tool that I use is OpenOffice Writer, yup that's should be enough.

1. From that link click on Print All button in the topleft menu. This will bring you complete content in single page.
2. Lauch OO Writer, copy the webpage and paste it on Writer.
3.Now you are ready to Export as PDF, but I need to do workaround a little to make PDF bookmarked correctly. Press F11 and modify heading 1 paragraph style to match this screenshot below:

Download always stopped at exact bytes position

Have you ever experience your download was stopped at exactly same byte position and won't proceeded? It happen to me lately and the cause is remain unknown.

My attempts to resume download include:
- Use download manager and ftp manager
- Try with Opera 10 and all other major browser
- Restarting Windows
- Re-connect dial-up internet
- Switch to linux and re-download
- Use mirror sites to resume
- Re-plug Modem
- Re-insert SIM card
- Waiting untill monthly renewal subscribe
- Use multipart mode in download manager

22 December 2009

Combo Gimp and Inkscape Silent Installer

Last weekend I begin compiling Inkscape 0.47 as an alternative to the officials release. Knowing my habit of optimizing for small code, I use the general mingw -TDM sjlj- to build inkscape, later I also build GIMP 2.6.7 too. So now both have uniformly same dependencies. While there is no obvious advantages of doing uniform build, it bring a more closer look of linux counterpart build environment where dependencies should be compatible to each other to application require it.

During MinGW compilation, packages are optimized for Core2 Processor (mmx, sse, sse2, sse3)

Then I merged my little work months ago in this post and add some little more.

20 December 2009

PyWebkitGTK Windows Binary

Python armed with webkitgtk? pywebkitgtk
See the demo:

This tabbed browser use 15KB of python code. Small eh?
But as you see we might need to impersonate the userAgent string into something like Safari (also using webkit) to shut facebook up... lol

Personally I didn't like its performance, it's nothing compared to safari (original implementator) not to mention Chrome! But talk about integration, WebkitGTK probably a bit ahead of QTWebkit by using Gstreamer (for multimedia backend) which I think still better than QT's phonon in Windows.

When both binded, HTML 5 will be a snap rather than what Opera 10 tries to do with their own way..

13 December 2009

Homepath oddity for win32 ported linux apps

Probably this is not important but if nobody started to loathing, its probably too late. Homepath in windows refer to root directory for lot of user's personal setting folders in which %appdata% aka application data folder exist.

Now there is only few OSS application that understand this correct convention. Pidgin and Inkscape are good example while the rest simply ignore this and filling homepath (C:\Documents And Settings\%user%) with dozen bizzare .%appname folder. That's bother me