29 August 2011

How To Try OpenVMS under ES40 Emulator

After reading some information about mainframe I'm directed to an opensource emulator for Alpha system called es40, which unfortunately halted. The main developer move to commercial project called Charon-AXP which also offer Personal Alpha (freeware but limited in performance). I'm quite interested with OpenVMS and it's possible similarities with Windows NT (remember Dave Cutler?). It would great to run this super reliable "relic" on plain XP :)


1. Download es40 first here (you can pick last release or the snapshot in preferred variants)
2. Get your free DECUServe membership:
  - Start > Run > telnet (make sure you don't disable telnet service)
  - Inside telnet console, type decuserve.org and enter
  - You will greeted with username: prompt, now type REGISTRATION and enter

23 August 2011

How to get latest VT-12 Modem driver

Many manufacturers make modem based on Huawei data card including well known brand. This bring possibilities of generic driver use provided by Huawei but mostly manufacturer may specifically use particular version (maybe their hardware don't posses feature in newer driver?)

I had VT-12 CDMA usb modem for 3 years now on XP and seems a bit working in Mac too. Now it bugged me when I plugged this on Server 64bit (Win 2003) machine and can't install. I tried to find on manufacturer's site but there is no update (gone actually) and their last vista64 driver isn't signed. Time to check the main vendor!

1. Go to http://www.huaweidevice.com/worldwide/downloadCenter.do?method=index

When Windows 2003 Datacenter x64 can't play audio

Surprise! it seems M$ assumed that admin shouldn't listen to music at work or noone should be around of a datacenter iron hence "no music" ooor they forgot to include this files: hdaudbus.inf

That's all you need to make this *particular* Windows to recognize your HDA Sound card driver.
Make sure you get the amd64 inf version though, then point that unknown yellow PCI device to that files then install your manufacturer driver as usual.

13 August 2011

7zsfx with dirid

I build custom 7zip SFX with complete DIRID <-> CSIDL conversion
binary is based on 1.500.2100 beta branch, browse here -> http://svn.7zsfx.info

with this conversion (see stickies here) I can use for example:
proper registry injection:
reg add HKLM\bla\bla /v configfile /t REG_SZ /d "%16412%\something.txt"
service creation:
sc create daemon binpath= %11%\something.sys type= kernel start= boot DisplayName= blablabla
or any proper file operation... therefore could no longer rely on inf script

12 August 2011

Oh no I'm the admin

It's complete BS if one said linux is much^2 secure than windows. I remember clearly when I use Linux as root it took only few hours to render it unworkable and later unbootable, it was 10 years ago when Linux at its infancy. Few years ago many "friendly" distro started to ban root account usage with the rising popularity of sudo practice.

Linux as desktop/workstation OS?

Root usage
Linux IT guy: man you do it the wrong way
Me: But Windows worked that way
Linux IT guy: Windows is flawed and ignorantly user friendly
Me: But most people are flawed and ignorant too
This explain why Linux adoption is slow for desktop, now that NT 6 is adopting the Linux way.. things getting harder for Linux to convince people.
Lesson? the one that ignorant is OS with no ignorant user (noob) awareness, Windows' system did give lot of safety measurement even for reckless administrator! need more? practice LUA (this rendered as UAC in NT 6) if you're still on NT 5 like me