28 September 2009

Repository for Centralized GTK-based Software (Win32)

It seems my previous attempt is a failure about create single package for graphics apps that doesn't even have a level of integration to be said as suite. It not even suitable as portable apps either...A portable need to be small in installed size to overcome bottleneck in removeable media I/O too. Thus require binary compression such as upx and if possible recompiled with size optimization like -Os / -s or both.

UPX'ed binary tend to have larger outcome in memory usage compared to normal binary right after execution, but thats of course not a problem as with memory management (or just minimize it and restore) both (upx'ed or not) will end up at the same level. In a fast harddisk (rAID 0 for example) the penalty goes with UPX'ed at being 10%-15% slower in startup time.

This time I uploaded some more manageable & portable packages as continuation of previous attempt.

I'd to do uniform rebuild of (probably) all dependencies with mingw's optimization flags that I usually used for building Blender but with minimum binary size in mind.

Main dependencies (download this first):
  1. GTK 2.16.5 Runtime including GTKMM, aspell-en dict, dozen themes and some deps (10.8 -> 19.8 Mb)
  2. Python 2.5.4 required by GIMP, Inkscape, MyPaint, Gramps and optionally needed by Gnumeric (7.6 -> 20.0 Mb)
  3. Converter contain external deps such svg2swf, ghostscript and so on.. optionally needed by Gimp & Inkscape
Portable Packages (English only, UPX'ed and lack of docs):
  1. GIMP 2.6.7 + plugins (9.7 -> 19.3 Mb)
    Our proudly raster editing software
  2. Inkscape 0.47  (7.5 -> 22.7 Mb)
    Our proudly vector creation software
  3. Gnumeric 1.9.14*  (2.6 -> 7.0 Mb)
    Sometime you don't need too big+slow+unresponsive OpenOffice Calc, use Gnumeric spreadsheet!
  4. Bluefish 1.3.8 unstable 2.9 -> 5.2 Mb)
    I'm sure this will break the realm of  free web editor for windows, but currently any spawning of external program (like previewing in FireFox) didn't work at all, as gspawn-helper died in the process
  5. Pidgin 2.6.2 + plugins (10.3 -> 12.8 Mb)
    IM anyone?
  6. Nip 2-7.18 (2.3 -> 5.2 Mb)
    A very hardcore image processing software in logical way
  7. Dia 0.97 (1.9 -> 8.0 Mb)
    Our proudly diagramming software
  8. X-Chat 2.8.4 GPL (0.6 -> 0.6 Mb)
    This is GPL version of official x-chat for windows
  9. MyPaint 0.7.1+git* 16/11/2009 (1.9 -> 2.4 Mb)
    Digital Painting oriented software
  10. Homebank 4.0.4  (2.1 -> 3.4 Mb)
    The little brother of the big badass GnuCash
  11. MtPaint 3.31 (0.4 Mb)
    A pixel art / sprite creation oriented software
  12. GIMP Animation Package 2.6 (3.6 -> 54.0 Mb) and Script-Fu pack provided separately due to its contra efficient in distribution/portability/performance aspect
  13. Abiword ? (there is ongoing effort to fallback to GTK-based backend which may bring GOffice integration and other interesting features)
  14. Avidemux 2.5.1 (5.1 -> 9.2 Mb)
    Better than MovieMaker video editor with a lot of modern file format choices
  15. Gramps 3.1.2 (1.6 -> 9.2 Mb)
    Family tree maker
  16. Stardict 3.0.1 with Wordnet (6.6 -> 8.9 Mb) dictionaries
    I can't find any commercial alternative that feature like this old one.
* custom build
GIMP, Inkscape and MyPaint package updated (under progress) here

As usual, prepare an empty folder first, and extract any package there
Execute using provided .cmd files

Now it just more looks like in Linux ehh? smaller and efficient
You might also interested to visit my personal oss collection here

30 November 09
- revert some dlls in GIMP and GTK from UPX's flaw

3 October 09

- enabling eps/ps import through ghostscript 8.01

- move out deps to separate converter folder

- updated to 03 October 2009 git with "pen-tilt" fix attempt and use single window interface like Gimp 2.6

- updated missing deps

30 September 09

- rename gimp-2.6.exe to gimp.exe and change executables location
- modify default.env, pygimp.interp so gimp can be called by external apps (inkscape)
- remove happy-valley-relief.py (not work?) and add pspi plugins
- removal of several hundreds script-fu plugins and revert to standart to reduce startup time since scm files didn't cached for for next startup


- implement Dia diagram import and Gimp xcf export for windows (previously coded for linux only)
- implement import ps and eps through gpl ghostscript 8.01 which considerably smaller than current 8.7
- implement swf (flash w/o animation) export through svg2swf
- enabling xfig import through xfig2dev

28 September 09
initial upload


  1. Hey Man.
    Thanks for posting this!
    MyPaint and Gimp both work as well under Windows now as they did for me on Linux. Much appreciated.

  2. No prob. dude!
    Enjoy! and thanks for testing