15 September 2009

Is there a chance for me to switch the linux way?

I have tried many *nix distro since 2001 from the venerable redhat, suse, freebsd, first version of gentoo, plan9, QNX and several oddballs but nothing keep me stayed for more than 2 weeks. Everytime I try to adapt a new software, documentation is mostly poor. GUI also never become consistent solution either, which require reinforcement from shell session to make adjustment, troubleshoot and so on.

Let say someone that pretty dumb about computer (I'll assume atleast he/she is internet-aware) is given Linux as her/his OS. Thats no problem at all, what she/he need is launch a broswer and type url. Same thing for office-people all they need to know is formula, indentation, layout standart and so. They will simply done their work perfectly whatever the OS is. These people category is belong as end-user.

This is exactly how average people moaning why so-called power-user hate to switch platform. Yes thats because we do care about system's internal, how to speedup thing, automate task efficiently and so on that end-user mostly dont care or not notice.

Its common that the more complex a system is the more longer user take to adapt when new major release coming. A simple example: Most user will mostly want updated MyPaint as soon as possible, meanwhile MyPaint developer will hold back as lower as possible PyGTK (higher system) requirement, then PyGTK dev just do the same things to Python (the main dependencies). All will end at platform level (combination of OS and Processor).

Provacating words like "move to linux now" is simply ignorant from my view. Thats the same for "move to vista now". Basically the less dependent (or care) of user to the OS itself will certainly make faster transition to be happened.

Just years later, *nix distro released  (mostly linux-based) evermore. Even Linux kernel (in general not custom one) is subject to bloatness and sluggishness as it evolve. Fortunately many distro like MEPIS AntiX, DragonFlyBSD and Milax (solaris) are care about people like me who crave lightness over bloatness. So will I switch to *Nix? Of course not

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