02 September 2009

7-Zip 9.07 beta LZMA2 vs LZMA

Being fully supported through compression method option, lzma2 has the same setting as older LZMA. And its time for some test. I prepare a set of files in which contained a lot of binary, a huge english dictionary plain text, some html, couple of waves and few already compressed file.

The fileset size before compression is 199MB (1822 files)
My System : E2160 Oced at 2,9Ghz; 2GB DDR2-667; rAID0 HHD on XP-32

with LZMA (ultra)
time: 1:41
compressed: 57.4MB

with LZMA2 (ultra)
time: 1:39
compressed: 57.3MB

A very slightly faster and better :D, but it still beta anyway and afterall both beat rar/zip/bz2/gzip by far.

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