22 September 2009

Bluefish 1.3.7 (unstable) on Windows

This is huge improvement!
Finally a coder friendly web editor is make its way on Windows platform. Look at the shot below:

On the fly auto-completion, code folding and on-demand spellchecking (F5)

After download it from their homepage. I had recogized a glitch at first glance. The spellcheck doesn't work at all. It reveal that Installer had been missing some aspell files. No problems, I quickly grab inkscape's aspell-0.60 and overwrite bluefish's and now as you can see in above shot...

Another thing... if you run external program that doesn't exist (you'll need to put it on PATH) like tidy in outputbox menu, You will get crashed, instead of friendly "not found" message. So beware

That's my quick review so far... Here is another shots

Numerous web language that Bluefish currently support

regex support

Bluefish have any feature that I expected from code editor. If stable version released, I will surely replace my sluggish resource-hog Komodo-Edit and crippled CodeLobster!

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