13 September 2009

Open Source Graphics Suite Portable for Windows 32-bit

OK, I'm tired of waitin. Here is my test-release of Open Source Graphics Suite.
All applications are portable and efficiently share their dependencies.


Portable GIMP 2.6.7 + GAP 2.6 + plug-ins + current Docs (Bitmap/Photo Editing and Creation)
Portable Inkscape 0.47 pre2 + PDF manuals (Vector SVG Creation and Editor)
Portable Dia 0.9.7 (Flowchart Creation)
Portable MyPaint 0.7.1 git 08-09-09 layermodes-branch (Digital Painting)
Portable MtPaint 3.31 (Pixel-Art Creation)
Portable RGBPaint 0.8.5 (MS Paint-like tool)
Portable Nip 2 (Hardcore Image Processing based on VIPS and ImageMagick)
Portable Phatch 0.1.5 (Batch Image Processing based on PIL)
Python 2.5.4
GTKmm 2.16 with theme selector
Bonus: GreenShot 0.7 (Powerful yet straight Screen Capture, need .NET 2.0 framework)
What's Not: Localisation, IMO that's big ass redundant!

I have tested it in Windows XP32 and Seven 32


- Space saving, both download size and installed size
- Unified theme for most apps, I have pack a lot of themes inside too
- Save your time for hunting GIMP's plugins and add that to GIMP's startup time :/
- Flexible and updateable, you may modify cmd files your own way and I'm not interested to make it executable loader.
- Python-Fu GIMP is enabled, unlike PortableApps (correct me if I wrong)


- Extract file OSGS.7z using WinRAR or 7-Zip to a folder in Flashdisk or Harddisk
- Double-Click your desired command file... Enjoy
- To change Appearance and font, run gtk_theme.cmd and choose the theme you like. check "Apply for all user" and save. All apps should reflect the changes.

Download: updated here

Open Source Graphics Suite (Portable) broken

filetype: 7-zip archive
filesize: 70MB
installed size: 311MB


- In case you want to change directory structure, like rename Userdata folder to your language. You will also need to modify the .cmd file accordingly.
- If some newer package need updated python (e.g. GIMP 2.7 need Python 2.6) add python2.6 there, update cmd file and look for my previous post about GIMP exception.
- This way hopefully I don't need to upload it again once Inkscape 0.47 and upcoming MyPaint released.

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