04 March 2012

Ported LADSPA plugins collection

Hundreds of ladspa plugins for Windows!

Originally I want to try interesting ffmpeg branch here https://gitorious.org/~saste/ffmpeg/sastes-ffmpeg which if works would make ffmpeg a formidable both audio and video editor. Alas after porting many of those plugins, I have no idea how to apply them in ffmpeg :-( with a little change in af_ladspa.c ffmpeg could load and initialize ladspa correctly but that's all it refuse to be applied when input is video (saying invalid src) and completely ignored if input is audio.

Anyhow all is not lost, these plugins still work with audacity or lmms. Few interesting audio effects: rubberband, caps, calf, pvoc and more.. some are generator/synth though

To install
Audacity: copy files inside ladspa folder into [Audacity]\Plug-Ins
LMMS: extract archive to [LMMS]\plugins
FFMPEG: extract archive to the same place where ffmpeg.exe reside (applicable to my ffmpeg-aoutuv build only)


ladspa.7z (5.6 MB) enjoy!

16 October 2012

- rebuild some core2 optimized plugins into sse3 optimized, strip debug symbols
- remove some crasher plugins
- add plugins from FAUST, OOM, StudioBlood and axonlib

To port invada-ladspa, I made this small static library containing srand48, drand48 and etc functions taken from libnewlib 1.18 xrand48.7z


  1. Hello there. Seems to be good stuff! But im a tad confused, are these ladspa plugins ported to VST standard?...My goal is to use the TAP scaling limiter as a VST in windows. If this is that, excellent! if not, any ideas?

  2. It's from linux ported to windows :) so it's still LADSPA, the way LADSPA is not VST nor DX
    I think you're looking for LADSPA to VST adapter? or sort of (I haven't heard such thing exists)

    So you're not using Audacity or LMMS? Why? What do you use?

  3. LADSPA VST Shell:


    1. I need to use some of my LADSPA plugins in a DAW that does not support LADSPA. I used this tool and it allowed me to explore about one folder down but my plugins were deeper. I brought them closer up but this tool only allows one use. I'd like to know if there a way to reset to allow it to work again. Anyone know how to do this? Thanks!

  4. The purpose of the "shell"? To run as a stand-alone as opposed to a plugin for LMMS?
    Do you music compose from the "shell"?

    The "shell" imports MIDI?

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  6. Are you able to use rubberband in Audacity with this plugin ?