26 March 2012

Curl 7.24 with IPv6

cURL is a sophisticated downloader (okay, plus many others) utility that except for spider/batch is way better than wget. I decided to build this one because oddly enough the official build did not support IPv6, I noticed it when building PHP last week which by default when built with MSVC curl will have IPv6 but not with MinGW. The issue is in auto-generated curl_config.h file which have bogus values despite claiming (on screen) that it was configured with IPv6 enabled.

Okay enough talking here is two flavor of cURL:

cURL.exe 773KB with SSH, SSL(OpenSSL 1.0.1), IPv6, Asynchronous-DNS, RTMP, SSPI, IDN (via libidn) and WinLDAP
cURL_vista.exe 739KB same as above except IDN is natively supported that's why it need at least Vista

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