15 March 2012

My Dropbox is choked

Error (509)
This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!

A reader notify me this morning that my dropbox account is not usable. I currently very busy with projects and don't know if I could mirror them to my another dropbox account (that's 2GB upload for my poor 128Kbps connection). This make me wonder whether my blog is popular? for ~300hits/day? I don't think so. Let see if my account could back to normal again or else.. well.. I don't know what to do. Help me? anyone? sourceforge? googlecode? because this issue would hit back again in the future since this is the first time.

If anyone interested to help please email me, I'll give my account credentials

My apology

according to this thread http://forums.dropbox.com/topic.php?id=52227
my account possibly reach 10GB/day.. seriously? How come?
anyway any volunteer? a very kind person with decent bandwidth :-) just to mirror the files to another free file hosting, I'd be very grateful!

since no one replied, this weekend I will start move all download links into one page possibly "other builds" then start mirroring to other account (will takes sometime). I believe that 10GB/day quota provided by dropbox is more than sufficient and very generous at it, what happened is probably someone spread a public link recklessly? I need to change the links in the future once in a while deliberately.

took longer than I thought.. downloads will spread into two dropbox account and now partially available again. Package larger than 50MB will stayed disabled until banning lifted up. Guess I need onr more account to balance the quota

Apparently it's not a regular 72-hours suspension from dropbox (Sadly my request for inquiry regarding the issue hasn't been replied), I will resume the remaining mirroring and all new download will be passed to goo.gl link shortener so it can be monitored but remained a "direct link"


  1. Why not use something like MediaFire for hosting, which has no bandwidth limit?

  2. Mediafire doesn't seems to support resumable upload (correct me if I wrong). For me uploading any files >10MB in such condition is a mission impossible.

    These dropbox's features make it a lifesaver for me:
    - it syncs (use rsync) -> always resume when unexpected thing happened -> guarantee that files will always eventually uploaded.
    - it use hashset (verify if portion of file is same so it can be skipped) when overwrite a file (updating) -> I can use incremental compress with 7zip so that the updated files is stored at last portion of a file -> dropbox only upload the appended portion -> very fast

  3. Sure, Dropbox is very convenient to use. But that service is intended to sync your files between different computers and, maybe, once in a while, share some files with other users (maybe via public link). It certainly is NOT intended as a classical file hosting service for hosting public downloads. That's why they have a strict limit for public links. I don't know what the limit is, but it certainly is far less 10GB/day! I got suspended a lot of times and I had fewer traffic. And once your account is "suspended", it will remain that way for 2-3 weeks...

    Really, if you want to host downloads, you have three options: Get a dedicated server for a few bucks per months, create a SourceForge/Googlecode/Github project and use their file release system or use one of the "one click" hosters (MediaFire, Rapidshare, etc). And if big uploads are a problem, split them with WinRAR...

  4. Hi TumaGonix.You can make the build env of mypaint build like for inkscape and gimp ?! like inkscape/gimp/mypaint build environment in same way .bat cuase 1 is portable 2 does not need to set things in os to work.

  5. Numarul7, Hmm that's would be giganteous :D. well as you see, this dropbox issue started cropped up and I don't think to add potentially popular packages in the meantime, at least until I found good workaround for my file hosting.