11 January 2012

GTK 3.3.6 GDK Test

Today I give a try on latest gtk3 (3.3.6) which according its changelog have some win32 bugfixes.
During configure I also enable GDK broadway! with a little replacement: sys/socket.h -> winsock2.h in several c files and add missing brodway function exports in gdk.symbols (patch). Also don't forget to create etc\gtk-3.0\settings.ini and fill it with at least:
gtk-theme-name = MS-Windows

Sadly native theme still broken.. and redraw issue like in GTK 3.0 also prevails :-(
Goodness that pango's win32 module is back so I can give a screenshot :-)

Below is two instances of gtk3-demo, one running broadway inside webkitgtk 1.6.1 (require html5 websocket) browser (two windows with oversized "x" button) and other one is the ordinary win32 backend.

Both demonstrating pixbuf animation, however the one in webkit runs very slow and webkit process hog 50% CPU during the animation :-( anyway that's one cool remote display we got here!

http://mail.gnome.org/archives/gtk-devel-list/2011-April/msg00050.html explain the broadway win32 situation better.
Almost forgot, pygi (pygobject 3.0.3) also works too:
this was run on python 3.2

GTK3 adwaita theme engine (in gtk3-theme-standard package) can be used instead before windows native theme fixed.

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