06 October 2009

Setuptools for Python 2.6 in EGG?

Have just recently migrated to python 2.6.2 then I search for setuptools for my egg packages. In my sense, since one of the tool's purpose is for installing egg so it shouldn't be egg -_-? Nope its provided as egg, err windows here.. it can't be as easy as "sh setuptools-0.6c4-py2.6.egg" .

I know later on that "all" I have to do is finding ez_setup.py file. Where this have been told anyway? pypi.python.org didn't tell but google will... To conclude: In case you are preparing python from scratch then unless you're wired, you'll need both ez_setup.py & egg files kept in your storage. How convenient was that? I know distutil isn't the supported way and egg will be the preferred one but still...

Maybe I will make distutil installer...oh here you are


  1. Hallo Hallo, hi hi hi
    Selamet Malem bos

  2. Alo juga mas eko. Kenal Karl Karnadi juga tho si komandan IA..hehe..