18 October 2009

Hotlinking enabled free file hosting service

I was seeking a free service for hosting my files here. I have tried the list from wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File_hosting_service) yet I have losing trust from my two favorite (hotlinkfiles.com and fileden.com).

I use hotlinkfiles way back before fileden, the most obvious problem with it was it's consistency. For example, I've uploaded 2 archive and tested it, in the next week the file could be reported as "cannot be found" although its there. And that happened consistenly while my space usage is 50% or more.

Feeling disatisfied I move on fileden. Its great actually, up to now its have been 3 month since I registered for free there. Most of the problem was related to bandwidth reset period. But this time I felt that my files has been fully unobtainable anymore... and still no answer from fileden.com and I'm sure my files are legit (just freeware and open source stuff)

From wikipedia's list I get one that meet my criteria : dropbox (referral, help me gain more space :))
Its perfect feature is a client application (based on python) that enable seamless integration (almost like svn) with explorer (also available for Mac & Linux) other feature like hotlink, resumable download are works as expected. Plus, it doesn't have file extension restriction too. All this too nice feature sometime make me feel suspicious sometime :-/. Oh  yeah, don't get too excited with wikipedia stats as most of them no longer offer DIRECT (instant or hot or whatever you call) link.

I'm also try other risky possibility like:

1. Public ftp, one of my candidate is ftp.lesliedombi.com which after 2 days examination it has a big downtime in a day. But hey they got interesting stuff there :))

2. Public hfs, In case you don't know its ftp like http server which focus on file sharing. There are hundreds of them some may active others may defunct. To find them (which allow you to upload) in google way, use these search string : "HttpFileServer" "Servertime:" upload.
Many of them are russian site. Sometime you can also find other illegal material there such as movies and warez...
However the issue by using hfs : finding a good host (one that server-like) is pain and mostly there is no warranty about uptime and security (what if they use windos? lol)

Now its time to put files on dropbox, and all files will get online soon.

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