31 October 2009

Blender 2.5 Optimized 32bit (with QuickTime support)

This weekend is the last day in October and Blender 2.5 will not finalized any soon considering BGE & Player still broken. I try for the first time to build the latest SVN. After reading building guide at Blender.org, my first impression is I need python 2.6 or 3.1 to build. I'm lol'd to find out that it's actually about the blender runtime which is the latest version only support python 3.1. In fact while I build using 2.6 using latest beta scons I found strange errors with MSVC compiler while GCC done its job. I try switch back to Python 2.5 with stable scons, now it's the opposite that happened. MSVC finished and GCC failed but I still got both compiled :)

GCC version is very odd one, even at its default -O2 flag it is crash-prone binary. So I need to apply -Os instead to compensate thus GCC version runs much slower than MSVC in many test.

September 18 2010
Updated: Blender 2.54.0 Beta Win32 SVN r32000 with OpenMPJuly 27 2010
Updated: Blender 2.53.0 Beta Win32 SVN r30777 with OpenMP

Blender 2.5 snapshot CHM Documentation (5.84MB)
Get Blender 2.4 Manual PDF by Marco Ardito here
Blender 2.4 Complete CHM Manual by me here
Find other Blender stuff here 

To build with OpenMP support without buying M$ VisualStudio you could use WDK 7.0 that available for free and contain Visual C++ 2008 Standard Edition (Compiler only)

Oh, my svn client really fucked up, this page won't updated until I get less intrusive svn client.

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