21 October 2009

Cool Shell Extensions Installer For XP

This is a collection of freeware to extend explorer's ability that feature:

- Create new folder via context menu
- Change case of a filename
- Select All files from context menu
- "Back" via context menu instead of button
- Change file's date and time from file properties
- Change file attributes via context menu
- Toggle show hidden file/extension via context menu
- Create directory listing (current or recursive) via context menu, saved as dirlist.txt in target folder
- Show Extended properties of Font files
- Show File's Hash from properties or saved as checksum file
- Spawn Command box in current folder from context menu
- Decode email encoded attachment file -> I think its unstable
- Show "Copy To.." and "Move To.." via context menu
- Show extended File's InfoTip including audio file's tag such as ogg -> I think its annoying
- NTFSLink : Create and Manage Hardlink and Junction
- Enable Thumbnail mode for commonly unsupported image files such PSD, TGA, PCX and many more
- Show Context Menu Thumbnail for common images and some unsupported image files
- Find target of a shortcut immediately via context menu
- Copy selected file's filename to clipboard via context menu
- Enable IPTC creation in supported image file's properties
- Encrypt / Decrypt file -> I think its unstable
- Run application with arguments
- Resizing common images

from [windows]\system32\shellext (default install folder) you could see the author from dll's infotip.

Personally I called it PimpShell (1.3Mb)

note: this is unattended installer good for svcpack injection of unattended windows installation, to uninstall goto Add/Remove and look for PimpShell

(OK this post is off-topic anyway)

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