05 August 2009

QCad Community Edition Win32 Installer

In case you didn't informed, someone called ximuntxo at SF has build Windows binary QCad from source using QT 3.3 long time ago. And I have give it a try for a week, given that I'm an AutoCAD avid and QCad certainly not try to imitate AutoCAD whatsoever I'm quite happy. Its stable however it just don't fill my style (it doesn't have scripting support too), I really want an open source of AutoCAD clone. There are some clone... but all are neither stable or useful for real work. So if you persistent, try learn its workflow especially how each tool works cause indeed its quite capable cad software.

Today I'm visiting Ribbonsoft and it is such a shame that they still offer very outdated version 2.0.5 of Community Edition sources, while windows binary (commercial) is way up to 2.2.2. Since no new source offered I pack the binary bundled with library and docs into an installer. Also I have hardcoded the qcad.exe so it will called Assistant (Docs) correctly right from Help menu.


- there is glitch in qcadrc between Library path and Pattern path, just set them through GUI instead.

- the uninstaller is full of redundant due to 4500 files of part library lol
- you need msvcr71.dll for documentation work properly

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