01 August 2009

MyPaint Git Build for Win32


I'm no longer offer git build of mypaint from 1.0 onward please use build environment below
Build instruction for Windows (there is a build environment package too)

Now Mypaint support localisation, In case you want to help us by becoming translator.

Install Instruction:
- download and install 7-zip here (you may also use recent WinRAR)
- download your preferred git version archive, and extract to somewhere e.g C:\mypaint-210908
- double click on mypaint.exe
- to hack MyPaint just extract library.zip to somewhere, edit py files (inside gui & lib folder) once you done, zip it again as library.zip

- report to http://gna.org/bugs/?group=mypaint if you found bug

don't extract this archive over your stable version folder (official build).

Tablet Problem
When you want to report bug, please be specific about windows version, tablet's product name and if  possible the driver version. A screenshot will be helpful, also visit mypaint forum first just in case someone have the workaround for you.

Git build archive (dd-mm-yy) :

Since version 0.7.1:

Since version 0.8.0:
mypaint-git-160310-wacom.7z [w/ updated wacom driver]
mypaint_0.8RC.7z [SSE2 Optimized]

Since version 0.9.0:
mypaint 0.9.0rc1P.7z
mypaint-git-170111.7z [pen hotkey mapping]
mypaint-0.9.1P.7z [Portable with brushpack]

mypaint-git-061111.7z [revision 2]

MyPaint 1.0.0 released!
Download at http://mypaint.intilinux.com/?page_id=6 (if you can't launch mypaint at startup please re-download)


Recover corupted ora file. This is unlikely happen in version 0.8 as the bug (also windows-specific) that cause it is already fixed. So just in case this happened to you, keep in mind that ora is a zipped container of individual PNGs (each layer) which arrangement is ruled by xml file. Thus you could examine the content of ora file (even the corrupted) using your archiver (mine is 7-zip) by just use open with.. and choose 7-zip manager. Inside, you will see "data" folder (contain individual PNGs), mimetype (a descriptor) and stack.xml (probably missing on corrupted file). You may extract your PNG files or even reproduce stack.xml and resave  it from 7-zip. FYI a normal ora also contain [Thumbnails] folder which contain a small preview file (intended to be shown in filemanager but not explorer).

MyPaint is based on python (interpreted language). If you know about it, feel free to experiment with its source code. To do this, extract library.zip (make a backup first) to somewhere, inside it you will find mypaint source code under "brushlib", "gui" and "lib" folders. Once you done editing py files, save your work and zip it again as library.zip overwrite older library.zip and try your new MyPaint.


  1. Hi

    Thanks for the windows builds. It looks like the dry brush is broken, I suspect that the negative pressure does not work

  2. Hi All,

    If you're Windows user with MUI package in German/France/Norway/Russia/China/Sweden. Could you confirm if localisation is working properly?

    Also if you're tablet user, Could you confirm that you're get lockup after doing color picker through Ctrl+Penclick?

    Response are greatly appreciated.

  3. Hi there! Thanks for these new Windows builds. Unfortunately, I'm having problems with the newer git builds. It seems that pen tilt isn't read properly and throws this error:


    For reference, I have a Cintiq 21UX tablet.

  4. Hi Soaa..
    someone also report the same thing, http://forum.intilinux.com/mypaint-development-and-suggestions/portnov-branch/

    Hope portnov could investigate it soon

  5. Hi TumaGonx.

    Thank you for your work with these builds! The latest (January 2010) build works great. LOVE the ability to quickly change between brush sets.
    The program seems to run more stable for me as well....Or I may be imagining this...I'm not sure :)

    I miss the recent brushes part of the brushes dialogue though. I found this a really useful addition.

    I also REALLY miss the layers dialogue. Being able to arrange layers and quickly turn them off & on was handy.

    My systems: Vista Home Premium 64 & Win XP Home 32.

    If you need any more info, or any help at all, please let me know. I check your blog here often.

    Cheers, Grant M

  6. Hi Grant.

    Good to hear that :) Yeah, I miss some stuff from portnov too.

    And since you use Vista64, could you try this: starting Mypaint using pen and then moving around the pen all the way during startup. Does MyPaint-090110 crashed like all previous version?

    Thanks for testing

  7. After several attempts starting with the pen & moving around during startup, I have had NO crashes.

    Also. I find the program starts almost immediately after clicking the .exe

    There is almost no launch time at all!

    Truly amazing what you guys are doing with MyPaint. :)

    Anything else, let me know.


  8. Sorry! Forgot to mention, this was with version 090110


  9. I just got report that on Wacom Intuos 4 the bug exists.:(
    Me myself on Genius MousePen

    Grant, whats your tablet?

  10. Wacom Graphire 4 driver ver: 5.2.0-7

  11. Just downloaded the newest build. I never used a version with the layers, so I don't miss them so much :P

    So far no issues running on windows7 64bit. Starts really fast, didn't notice the startup movement crash (tried it a couple times, but it starts so fast, I'm not sure if I'm doing it right or not). Seems to be pretty solid to me. I'm using an intuos 2 and whatever the latest wacom drivers are. Seems to work fine for me.

  12. Thx for builds. It works for me -win 7 64bit, Havon tablet

  13. Under win 7 i got 2 problems:
    1)when making shortcut for any brush with ctrl+x, when i press x it selects this brush, but it is not marked as selected in brush list.
    2)When I go full screen with window my strokes have offset from my actual cursor position eg. i have window positioned 50px from left corner of screen, then go fullscreen - all strokes are moved 50px to left. Selecting or hovering above any dialog eg. color fixes problem.

  14. 1. Confirmed in my XP box, This probably a not yet implemented feature instead of bug. Please report as a "wish" here http://gna.org/bugs/?group=mypaint

    2. It's known issue https://gna.org/bugs/?15088, probably won't be fixed by mypaint's devs

    Thanks for testing

  15. For Win7 user:
    Does mypaint.exe shown with mypaint logo in explorer instead of none?
    also shown in top left of MyPaint window instead of GTK logo?

    Thanks for all feedbacks!

  16. Hi, i have a problem with GIT version of Mypaint for Windows . When i try to open mypaint 0.8RC the program crashes immediately.

    C:\Documents and Settings\********\Escritorio\MyPaint_0.8RC\library.zip\lib\helpers.py:93: DeprecationWarning: PyArray_FromDimsAndDataAndDescr: use PyArray_NewFromDescr.

    Sorry for my bad english. thx in advance

  17. Arcr, what is your Windows version?
    try download and install this http://download.microsoft.com/download/d/d/9/dd9a82d0-52ef-40db-8dab-795376989c03/vcredist_x86.exe
    Also try deleting "C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\.mypaint" folder
    Then re-run MyPaint

    BTW, That deprecated msg is just a warning and not the cause of your crash, you may safely ignore it.

    "Sorry for my bad english"
    me too. lol

  18. about mypaint icon under win 7: if program is not pinned (kind of shortcut) to taskbar, it has gtk icon (on titlebar and taskbar);
    if MyPaint is pinned to taskbar then it has correct icon on taskbar, but it has gtk icon on titlebar. btw for gimp icons works fine for me.

  19. Thanks, I think I understand what happened, maybe supplied mypaint icon lacked of Vista icon (64x64? in true color) so it missing in some case.

  20. TumaGonx, thx, but the problem persists.

    I have had installed the vcredist, i have reinstalled it , I deleted the folder you told me, but nothing happens.

    P.S: OS->Windows XP

  21. ^ oops.. wrong paste :)

    Hi Arcr,
    Do you have the same problem with previous build? also for version 0.7.1? If not, which one worked for you?
    I don't know if this make sense, but what's your processor arcr?

  22. No, only with the GIT builds.

    I'm tried all the GIT versions in the list and only the last three give me error.

    My Processor is a Pentium(R)4 2.40 Ghz

  23. Hmm.. the difference between last packages is psyco being enabled.. So it seems not work on some machine? I will disable it and release new RC soon

  24. Icons on build from 27 january 2010 works fine on my win7. Thx for builds and your work TumaGonx

  25. Thx TumaGonx now it works.It would be nice if this option can be easily enabled or disabled in some way.

    Thanks again

  26. its more than just disabling psyco actually :(. In fact previously I do a lot of optimization at compile-level thats hardware dependent. So it's no good. Sorry for everyone who got affected.. btw the performance gain is negligible.

  27. Spent 3-4 hours doing several different drawing/paintings with the Jan 27 RC2 build today.
    Everything that's there, seems to work perfectly stable for me.

    Wacom Graphire4 Win XP home / Vista 64 home premium.

    Moving layers around with the arrow keys works really well. Personally, I would be fine without drag & drop layers if it's difficult to make it work. Of course, ability to name layers would be nice.

    Super stuff, TumaGonx


  28. Thanks for all testers! Much appreciated
    Without all of your feedbacks, MyPaint 0.8.0 on Windows would be messy like 0.7.1 before ;)

  29. I am runing your version 8 of mypaint for windows on a xp system it keeps crashing saying "Pressure Sensitive Painting Application has encountered a problem and needs to close"

  30. Hi KeeCoyote,

    Is it mypaint-git-060210.exe or the official 0.8?
    Could you mention your hardware spec(Processor, Tablet)? also do you have GIMP or Inkscape installed too? Do they bahave normally?

    Thanks for the report

  31. where is the new 0.8.1? :(

  32. Thank you! The installer works greaton Windows7!

  33. Nice to see that something happening with Mypaint! Thenk you!!

  34. eeeeeeee que alegría

  35. Thanks for posting a portable version! Installers seem to just add registry cruft that gradually slows down the computer over time -- makes me not want to test any software that isn't listed as portable.

  36. 404 error on 1.0 build

  37. Thank you so much for your work on windows support! Working on WinXP sp3... WITH tablet pressure! :D

  38. Finally! A fresh Win32 MyPaint build!

  39. Hey there, any chance to see a w32 binary of the xsheet branch? I'd love to try it but from what I see linux seems to be the preferred domain of compiling intructions and/or binaries. I tried the "easy method" You mentioned for compiling the regular mypaint branch and succeeded. However bulding the xsheet branch (from github) failed due to a missing file - mypaint.exe.c or similar. Using something like the above method is the farthest I'm willing to go with building from source - no plans on digging into dependencies, libraries, targets and build scripts as I really prefer to draw :)

  40. That's seems unfinished work (dated July 2011) and haven't in-sync with the mainline branch.

    I have tried it and the interface get freeze. Try contact manuq @ #mypaint IRC (freenode) I have seen him quite a bit there.

  41. i use the 64Bit MyPaint in Win7 os and Hanvon tablet
    , when i use the pen to draw the key {space} and {mouseRightButton} are both actived....but it's no erros when i use mouse.

  42. Hiya! Thanks so much for MyPaint.

    I've encountered a strange bug in the 64x distro (running win7 home premium). When I Go to export a large file (over 13k px width), I'm unable to do so, regardless of format.

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "C:\Users\---\Documents\MyPaint\mypaintx64\library.zip\gui\filehandling.py", line 346, save_as_cb(self=, action=)
    name, ext = os.path.splitext(filename)
    saveformat = self.saveformat_combo.get_active()
    AttributeError: 'FileHandler' object has no attribute 'saveformat_combo'

    I would try it in 32bit, but I can't open the file there at all. :\

  43. Thanks for the 64-bit reports, so at least it runs on other PC (I still can't get it run here though, maybe my tablet...) Will update 64-bit build soon

  44. Awesome. :) I look forward to the update, and I'll mess with the 64-bit version more. I have another computer that I can test it on, too, if you're looking for other data.

    Do you need more info on the processor/os/ram with these reports?

  45. Hardware info are welcome especially tablet and whether pressure sensitivity works or not

    enjoy version 1.0.0! and report bugs :)

  46. Hi All,

    I have installed Mypaint v1.00 win32 on my Vista familial premium but can't open it. Same as administrator! My computer is very well! No problem!

  47. Try checking \Users\[username]\AppData\Local\mypaint\mypaint_error.log

  48. Awesome, thx for the windows build - is working fine under windows 7 x64 :)

  49. @TumaGonx Zakkum

    Any chance you will be updating the portable version to version 1.0.0 too?

  50. I can't seem to get the windows installer to work. Installed fine, but the .exe won't run.

    And apparently the mypaint_error.log file doesn't exist?

    Running windows 7 home premium 32-bit.

  51. @Spirou4D, CollectiveD try redownload and reinstall. What's your CPU? seems to be hardware issue

    maybe this weekend or next weekend

  52. Already tried reinstalling and downloading, version 9 works but not 1.0

    Computer is a HP with Windows 7 home premium 32-bit installed. And running a Pentium Dual Core 2.30GHz processor...

    I've also tried running as administrator on everything, and the program appears to start in the task manager then immediately close.

  53. Hmm... that's the same cpu as mine, try deleting \Users\[username]\AppData\Local\mypaint folder and restart mypaint

    if still not works try download 32bit dependency walker at www.dependencywalker.com run it, open mypaint.exe, press F7, Enter, then save as mypaint.dwi. Attach the file here

  54. It appears the mypaint appdata folder does not exist?


    Above is a screenshot.

    I'll try the other suggestion in the morning. (as it's nearly 12am here)

  55. I hope mediafire works for you? Put the .dwi in a winrar archive.


    Hope the problem can be solved...

  56. I understand now, please redownload new installer

  57. It appears to be working now! Thank you very much.

  58. Thanks for the MyPaint 1.0 binary for Windows!! Really appreciated

  59. @TumaGonx Zakkum

    Any news re. an update to MyPaint portable version?