02 August 2009

MPlayer + MPUI-hcb Installer

What you can't play through MPlayer? none? I have several flv format that have scaling issue that MPlayer refused to play but FLVPlayer play it. Also some real media format was known to not played unless addons codec installed.

Choose the GUI
SMPlayer, yeah its somewhat dense, but it's creeping slow especially during initialization.
MPUI, cmon the way its window keep reset position is very annoying.
MPlay its a faster than SMPlayer and has neat skinned GUI, which I will choose it if it does play audio of some 3gp files that other gui will play even with the same core.

..and the best is MPUI-hcb. Its neat, fast and has all feature you need including file association.

So, judging from what format commonly used and circulated today. I make a silent installer (appropriate for svcpack.inf of Windows unattended install) that consist:

- MPUI-hcb
- MPlayer Multithreading (without Mencoder, you don't need it)
- RealMedia codec addons (I don't add anything else, as I think H264 was defacto now)

Download here

-this is SILENT install you wont notice anything when double click it. Just check startmenu whether it has installed.
-about the installer: its not NSIS, its just use modified 7-zip sfx + standard inf setup files so you can reconstruct it relatively easy.

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