08 August 2009

MyPaint and Genius MousePen 8x6 Tablet

Its Cheap!! just $45 (direct). Personally this is my first time using a tablet. So everything seems just as expected too lol. A few distraction to note however:

- Surface was rather scratchy
- There were bumps in some place
- Strangely I can't draw a straight diagonal line even after using ruler. Odd

I don't know how to tell you technically but this tablet rocks!!

my very initial draw:
Don't know what this thingy called.. just doing random dabbler


  1. how did you get the pressure working with mousepen 8x6. I tried both Windows XP and Windows 7 and it works and all, but just like a mouse. No pressure sensing.

  2. Probably http://gna.org/bugs/?16131 may help you anon.

    Before that, ensure you have the following processes running (see from task manager):

    WTClient.exe --> if missing, pressure also missing

    if one of them missing, something went wrong with your driver installation

    good luck