16 January 2016

How to download from sourceforge when it goes down

Many probably aware about SF's occasional hiccup while it usually don't last long it could be annoying when you're in hurry. There are several SF official mirror that allow you to enter their file server through classic http file index, all you need to know is the project name (that used in the url). Some of them do not support direct access though.

just name a few:

But that's just the usual links isn't it? yes, the trick is the last trailing slash, otherwise it will redirect to sourceforge webfront and not all mirrors support this trick.

Hosting behavior also varies, some purge old downloads after period of time, some may have different interface (different web server).

There are also many alternatives mirror/access url from google search

for example:

but those tend to have inconsistent url path pattern and lengthier.

Basically, you could always provide true direct link if you have too! (skipping all those ever crowded dodgy ads if you wish to)

For those not realize it yet, I hope this helped

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