23 January 2016

Alternative build for XScreenSaverWin

I found great screensaver port from Linux at http://katahiromz.web.fc2.com/xscreensaverwin/eindex.html contain more than 200 screensavers. Okay that's a LOT, in fact Windows will only list the first 100. Fortunately it come with random.scr which is a screensaver loader.

About half of them are opengl accelerated and with some of these I have error when exiting. I made minor workaround for that error which a least works for me. I also made minor modification in the directory organization so that all screensaver goes to one folder. This way the folder can be copied to Windows folder and random.scr loader can be placed in system32/syswow64 to minimalize "pollution".

Here is the download and modified source
version 0.77
XScreenSaverWin32.7z (2.74 Mb, 220 Screensavers)
XScreenSaverWinSrc.7z (2.71 Mb, VS 2008 Source)

I wonder if there is a MyPaint brush like that?


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