10 October 2012

NTFSLink 64bit version

NTFSLink has been around for quite long time, but no 64bit binary found (at least by me), sometime I had to use 64bit windows which I use Link Shell Extension as NTFSLink replacement. But I prefer much NTFSLink for its simplistic (smart) context menu and how it show the origin of a junction.

ntfslink64.7z source is from https://github.com/miracle2k/ntfslink

To install use the included ntfslink.inf (right click, install), I wrote that cause I'm too lazy to make an installer, sorry.

- NTFSLink do not support symlink (native in Vista/7 or later), so using XP64 is more preferable (which also my case)
- This is not compiled by me but a friend (here it's far easier to find pascal/delphi programmer than C/C++, lol), I've asked why was the dll size was too big and explained that the old version may be compiled with much older borland.

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