13 October 2012

finch in windows (failed)

This weekend I want a little chat client like irrsi but want YM support (quite common here) too. Finch (part of pidgin) seems fit to this. I got libpurple compiled and appear to work. Finch however is a bit unix (even its glib stuff), so i try to strip most that hurdle compiling and able to get it linked (static build mingw).

Problem is somehow pressing two sequence keystrokes will register as exit signal or sort of, making it impossible to even configure a pidgin account.

here is what it looks like:
version 2.10.6 in CMD fitted window

and the failed build
finch.exe 1.43MB

meh, what am i doing posting a failed attempt :-(


  1. Hi...
    Ive tried your finch.exe with mingw32 console (I cant use cmd.exe...).

    As finch is supposed to run from .purple configuration previously created and tested with pidgin...

    My problem is that I even get none outputa at all.
    Only -D option give me output...
    (17:01:35) GLib: g_io_channel_win32_new_fd: 1700 isn't an open file descriptor in the C library GLib uses.
    (17:01:35) GLib: g_io_add_watch_full: assertion `channel != NULL' failed
    (17:01:35) GLib: g_io_channel_unref: assertion `channel != NULL' failed
    (17:01:40) util: Writing file prefs.xml to directory d:\USER\Datos de programa\.purple
    (17:01:40) util: Writing file d:\USER\Datos de programa\.purple\prefs.xml
    (17:01:40) util: Writing file accounts.xml to directory d:\USER\Datos de programa\.purple
    (17:01:40) util: Writing file d:\USER\Datos de programa\.purple\accounts.xml
    (17:01:40) util: Writing file blist.xml to directory d:\USER\Datos de programa\.purple
    (17:01:40) util: Writing file d:\USER\Datos de programa\.purple\blist.xml

    Are you planning to make more attempts...
    This is the only windows commandline modern chat aproach....

    1. Ah yes, forgot to mention that, I ran it parallel with pidgin. BTW TUI only run under plain cmd box (not mintty, rxvt or console2)

      Last weekend I found CenterIM http://www.centerim.org which is recently migrated to use libpurple (still beta though), at glance it seems less unixish and TUI is simpler than finch. Haven't give it a try though

  2. Thanks Zakkum...
    Ive tried too in cmd.exe and works (fails) as you say...
    Ive been recently centerIM migration to libpurple...
    Seems a good aprox to get a ligth windows commandline chat client.

    I was searching for integrate with a all-in-one ahk app that uses massively stdin/stdout interface (best API ever for me) with curl, ffmpeg, pjsip ...
    and sure a good chat program could be great....

  3. The problem wasn't about keystrokes - it was just a plain crash.

    I have managed to build Finch for Windows and fixed most of its issues. You can read about it on my blog: https://blog.wasilczyk.pl/en/2014/more-windows-more-features/