31 December 2009

Make your own PDF from FLOSS Manuals

Yesterday I search for Inkscape documentation that match for 0.47 version from http://en.flossmanuals.net/Inkscape/. However their generated PDF is lack of images and quite old, so I decided to made my own. The tool that I use is OpenOffice Writer, yup that's should be enough.

1. From that link click on Print All button in the topleft menu. This will bring you complete content in single page.
2. Lauch OO Writer, copy the webpage and paste it on Writer.
3.Now you are ready to Export as PDF, but I need to do workaround a little to make PDF bookmarked correctly. Press F11 and modify heading 1 paragraph style to match this screenshot below:

4. Now Export PDF with this setting :

    Also in inital view tab, choose bookmark and page.

5. Optional step:
  • Create Table of Content: 
  •  Insert Page Break from topleft of first page, and assign it with default page style and change page number to 1 and press OK. Apply index page style to the newly blank page. Now Insert.. Indexes and Tables. Choose Create from Outline and select desired level to evaluated. press OK. This way content will page numbered from 1 and you can assign TOC page with for ex. roman page number
  • Create Footer: 
  • Insert Footer and choose default. Add 2-column borderless table on it. Then in first column insert fields>other.. choose type: chapter, chapter name and level at 1. Now for page number, set alignment to right in second column and insert field page number.

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