31 December 2009

Download always stopped at exact bytes position

Have you ever experience your download was stopped at exactly same byte position and won't proceeded? It happen to me lately and the cause is remain unknown.

My attempts to resume download include:
- Use download manager and ftp manager
- Try with Opera 10 and all other major browser
- Restarting Windows
- Re-connect dial-up internet
- Switch to linux and re-download
- Use mirror sites to resume
- Re-plug Modem
- Re-insert SIM card
- Waiting untill monthly renewal subscribe
- Use multipart mode in download manager

All ended with download stopped at the same place and not resumable. But when I try it at cybercafe the link is perfectly OK.

I try to contact the ISP provider about this but a bitter response instead. He pointing out that my bandwidth usage has been overloaded and thus such circumstances may occured (without giving any technical explanation at all).

Of course I don't believe that, I'm dead sure its ISP server fault..

At last, I try to resume with proxy-mode enabled (using toonel) and heh! it resumed. Later after few bytes, I switch back to normal mode (cause toonel is slow for download) and download manager continuing happily.

Thanks a lot toonel! :D

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