22 December 2009

Combo Gimp and Inkscape Silent Installer

Last weekend I begin compiling Inkscape 0.47 as an alternative to the officials release. Knowing my habit of optimizing for small code, I use the general mingw -TDM sjlj- to build inkscape, later I also build GIMP 2.6.7 too. So now both have uniformly same dependencies. While there is no obvious advantages of doing uniform build, it bring a more closer look of linux counterpart build environment where dependencies should be compatible to each other to application require it.

During MinGW compilation, packages are optimized for Core2 Processor (mmx, sse, sse2, sse3)

Then I merged my little work months ago in this post and add some little more.

In short, this is a full offline, all in one installer

GTK Graphics Pack Silent Installer  (60MB)

GTK Graphics Pack NSIS Installer  (62MB)

17 Mar 10 updated MyPaint 0.8.2
added Nip2 7.20 Image Processing
added NSIS installer for more install options
filtered themes

11 Feb 10
included MyPaint 0.8 (with more image format support)
included mtPaint 3.31 (Pixel Paint oriented)
in portable mode, apps can use file association!

12 Jan 10
update Gimp Animation Package 2.6 with current ffmpeg-mt r21151-GPL3 (without xvid -> we have x264-80 instead)
PyGimp enabled in portable mode

06 Jan 10
Force GIMP to use Application Data folder and normal folder name for storing settings, and updated to 2.6.8
Clean up some pointless GIMP plugins
Re check GIMP 2.6.8 missing deps
Force GIMP, Inkscape and MyPaint to use bundled Python

31 Dec 09
Implement extension for importing dwg (acad 2000-2002) in inkscape using libdwg and pslib

Update 30 Dec 09
Bring forgotten gimp xcf exporter in inkscape
Update Inkscape FLOSS Manuals to curent date (official pdf missing for images? so I build my own)
Fix inkscape help menu
Shortcut for gtk theme selector

Update 22 Dec 09
Proper shortcuts and file association
Rebuild and optimize GAP 2.6 as shared instead of static for smaller binary
Rebuild PyGTK for smaller code
Add missing GTK and GIMP translation
Fix cmd files
Add missing dependencies as told by dependency walker
Exclude some "pointer out of range" executables from being UPX'ed
Now its 200MB when installed and 142MB after shrink.cmd

Detailed post about how to build them will follow ;-) I hope

What I basically want:
An installer that fulfill the expectation for windows platform out of box. a.k.a "install once and no need to hunt anything else"
How many times user say.. oh ok I need python, hmm I need pygtk too (and there is another confusion about it alone) then meh I need Ghostscript for eps/ps import.. That's no good for casual windows users.

What I basically do:
Combining available free plugins or addons to GIMP and Inkscape..
Make documentation available offline from help menu (both GIMP and Inkscape) while keep the installer package as small as possible. I think this is important issue..a good package should not force their (new) user to go online just to see how the software works! In other word, hey there is people who don't have internet connection all the times...

Why silent installer?
I don't know.. I just fan of it.. its fast install process, fast uninstall process, easy to update and modify (you just need 7-Zip 9 and notepad), no uninstaller executable (cause when its corrupt or infected by virus, you can't uninstall them) and it's recoverable since it's basically inf script in self extracting 7zip archive. And of course it's unattended, appropriate for Windows XP unattended installation.

The differences with official package are:
- Both inkscape 0.47 and gimp 2.6.8 are build uniformly (and unofficial) by using mingw 4.4.1 sjlj with latest dependencies (except for GTK 2.18, they are buggy in Windows. Avoid!). Due to this, clipboard from Gimp will be pasted correctly with transparency preserved in Inkscape.
- Full packed plugins for GIMP: MathMap 1.2.4, G'Mic 1.3.3, FX Foundry, Filter Factory, GAP 2.6, Separate+, oratools, panotools, PyGIMP and many more
- I try to recompile most libraries to generate as smallest as posible binaries.
- Additional File Import Export for Inkscape such as swf html5 xfig eps ps jp2k
- Full offline help of inkscape and gimp right from help menu.
- Minor tweak regarding portability and path. Like bundling python, aspell, ghostscript etc
- Using pythonw instead of python in inkscape
- Make inkscape follow the bin-lib-share directory structure convention.
- Dozens of GTK Themes for those who see that default wimp theme is sucks.
- Localisation: major languages only (which translation mostly complete and updated)


  1. a nice tutorial about building a gimp windows version would be great, as there isn't any on the net!(at least about new versions!)

  2. Well, after seeing your attempt to compile mypaint, I've just realised the problem... which I still don't get it why :(

    To bring apropriate build-guide, it seems I need to provide a complete build-environment instead of download links... and thats could be overkill for my dropbox

  3. what are the switches for installing inkscape in windows xp through a batch script. can anyone help?