06 February 2016

How to "use" isobuster for free

Since the day when CD burners don't have buffer underrun protection and that my HDD free space actually smaller than CD capacity this little software with cool batman icon always become a lifesaver. That time isobuster still free (pre 1.0 version), now within few years we might discard optical media for data completely (backup is OK though).

Isobuster interpret multisession disc, all kind of ISO 9660 extensions (Joliet, RR), UDF, extra track such HFS or FAT and El-torito boot image. It also show you the important thing: LBA! so you can tell by its physical location which files is vulnerable to disc defect. Finally isobuster do interruptible copying for recovery purpose. The old 0.99.9 still works on modern Windows as long as you run as administrator (or just add elevation manifest to it) but there is no support for UDF.

I know that Isobuster can be used in free (sometime nagging) mode but I'm not talk about that. The tool is FTK Imager Lite by accessdata. This forensic tool known to bundle isobuster 2.4 as shared library from version 2.6 onward, you can get older (and smaller) version via archive.org too. For current version: http://accessdata.com/support/adownloads

The basic important functionality is there, no LBA column list though instead placed in file property panel. No ISO image dumping except forensic image format. And no data carving (isobuster 3?). Overall what make isobuster so special already covered. Enjoy!

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