02 April 2013

Stardict console native version

Console version of StarDict http://sdcv.sourceforge.net/

The application itself is quite old but still usable (suitable for non-unicode and non-html dicts). Here is single executable native version sdcv.exe


Enter word or phrase: tuma
Found 3 items, similar to tuma.
-->The CMU Pronouncing Dictionary


-->Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia, Edisi III (2005)

[n] kutu (di kepala dsb)

-->P\u0101li-English Dictionary (Pali Text Society)

(pron.–adj.) [most likely apostrophe form of \u0101tuma =att\u0101, Sk. \u0101tman self; cp. alsoSk. tman oneself. See Oldenberg, KZ. XXV.319. Less likely=Sk. tva one or the other (Kern, Toev. s.
 v.). Expl d) by Com. to A III.124 as esa.] oneself, himself, etc.; every or anybody (=quisque) ya\u1e43 tumo karissati tumo va tena paññ\u0101yissati (quid quisque faciat) Vin II.186=A III.124; Sn 890 (cp. \u0101tum\u0101na\u1e43 V.888), 908; Pv III.2 (4) (=att\u0101na\u1e43 PvA 181).

Enter word or phrase:

Download: http://osspack32.googlecode.com/files/sdcv.exe

you'll need to set environment variable STARDICT_DATA_DIR pointing to your dic folder (of Stardict) or use --data-dir option.


oh and to quit press Ctrl-d not the usual Ctrl-c


  1. i can not send chines to .exe input. is the utf8 supported?
    i used this exe wtih and without --utf8-input, but cant get result for notEnglish symbols.

    and i tried to build sdcv... it is very complicated. please, write the manual for building this for windows. sdcv has many dependences on zlib, glib and other

  2. The download is invalid: http://osspack32.googlecode.com/files/sdcv.exe

    Could you please add a new download link, thanks!

  3. I've got it: