02 April 2013

Stardict console native version

Console version of StarDict http://sdcv.sourceforge.net/

The application itself is quite old but still usable (suitable for non-unicode and non-html dicts). Here is single executable native version sdcv.exe


Enter word or phrase: tuma
Found 3 items, similar to tuma.
-->The CMU Pronouncing Dictionary


-->Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia, Edisi III (2005)

[n] kutu (di kepala dsb)

-->P\u0101li-English Dictionary (Pali Text Society)

(pron.–adj.) [most likely apostrophe form of \u0101tuma =att\u0101, Sk. \u0101tman self; cp. alsoSk. tman oneself. See Oldenberg, KZ. XXV.319. Less likely=Sk. tva one or the other (Kern, Toev. s.
 v.). Expl d) by Com. to A III.124 as esa.] oneself, himself, etc.; every or anybody (=quisque) ya\u1e43 tumo karissati tumo va tena paññ\u0101yissati (quid quisque faciat) Vin II.186=A III.124; Sn 890 (cp. \u0101tum\u0101na\u1e43 V.888), 908; Pv III.2 (4) (=att\u0101na\u1e43 PvA 181).

Enter word or phrase:

Download: http://osspack32.googlecode.com/files/sdcv.exe

you'll need to set environment variable STARDICT_DATA_DIR pointing to your dic folder (of Stardict) or use --data-dir option.


oh and to quit press Ctrl-d not the usual Ctrl-c

1 comment:

  1. i can not send chines to .exe input. is the utf8 supported?
    i used this exe wtih and without --utf8-input, but cant get result for notEnglish symbols.

    and i tried to build sdcv... it is very complicated. please, write the manual for building this for windows. sdcv has many dependences on zlib, glib and other