07 April 2013

Another dropbox failed

Ah I'm not learning from past experience to stop using dropbox for crucial files in this blog, look now, many images are goner. >,<

Yeah I finally lose another dropbox account few days ago.

I really wish Google stop their menacing "chrome 'em all" campaign, first blogger's image uploader always fail under Opera browser (otherwise I'd not use dropbox), then translate.google.com behave infinite recursed iframe  under non-chrome browse, then they stop providing pr0n friendly google image too, ok the latter is irrelevant.

But dear Google, I'd never use your browser until it could run under Guest account (or much restricted one if any)! I'm a privacy freak, I'll eliminate all updater (*pointing at google and others) that try to run without my consent, I visit sites with multiple level of proxy (stupid government, they put most of global internet access redirected to Singapore) and I mostly browse in private mode with alias of course. Oh and I avoid "please invade my privacy by default" OS such as Windows 8.

Back to dropbox, I have made backup to several place although wont do it to all files. Sorry

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