28 January 2013

Overhead! overhead

The next tuma mingw should be a big one, really... a bloated one! thanks to the fairly long period after 0.6x the last release, it's now really turned to a distro of console based apps inside ConEmu box. I got miktex and whatever tex (asymptote, dblatex, jade, etc) integrated, along with dozens of additional tools. But I have big problem: clean-up

The cleanup turn out really overkill, I have done it almost every weekend since the end of december and still not finished yet. The total size expectedly grow almost exponentially. The number of apps? sheesh I've lost count of it, one thing for sure all of them are OSS and not even freeware can be included (maybe one grey area exception).

My msys folder has been accumulated to the level that executable lookup (those in PATH environment) is slowed down to a noticeable 1 second. But then wasn't it is the same condition for a fully installed cygwin too? dunno but it's really annoying.

I think it needs renaming too, something like Crossblaw: Console oRiented OSS between Linux and Windows. Afterall it's not about my gcc build anymore... Now now the name get bloated too lol

I hope it could benefit many Windows users (especially newbie) who want to taste the best that generic Linux has offered, powerful loads of console apps. Because I know that the GUI part of Linux is still no match for the undead XP. Vice versa of course.

Final problem: How I supposed to upload this monster (if it ever done)? too bad I'm living in a country with medieval internet infrastructure.

Gotta sleep now

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