29 January 2013

MyPaint and PyGI

Got several emails from mypaint users who want to know the progress of windows version. I have tidying up what I left last weekend. I hope you could participate as I lack of time nowadays.

Several days ago a user of gramps (gramps-project.org) put his interest on my PyGI build which motivated me to look at it again after I failed to get it work with mypaint. Last sunday I put new PyGI build which better than previous one (read the comments here), in short it's "somewhat" working but I still find many non-crashing errors and warnings when run Gramps 4.0a3 though. Later I tried it on mypaint and it started! but gave me loads of fatal error messages and crashes. This make me unmotivated again :(

The important thing with GTK 3.6.4 is pressure-sensitive tablet apparently working.

So what we got here?
GTK 3.14.8 = OK
GTK 3.10.x - 3.14.7 = completely broken (no pressure, no lag, just mouse-like) errr
GTK 3.8.x = laggy and imprecise  please compare with gtk 3.6?
GTK 3.6.x = somewhat OK
Reported working tablets = Mostly wacom tablets, Samsung ATIV SmartPC SPen, P-Active XPC-1910A LCD Tablet, Genius Mousepen, Monoprice (need latest driver, see Aroidzap's comment), LE1700 Motion Tablet
Known incompatible = Genius G-Pen

For those who want to use UC-Logic drivers see https://gna.org/bugs/?21864

note: use 7zip 9.x with lzma2 support to extract the archive

MyPaint 1.2.0 released https://github.com/mypaint/mypaint/releases/

mypaint-1.2.0b.7z (GTK 3.14.15 + Anti-Art's experimental brush settings + brushpack + dothiko enhancement, Dec 28, 2015)
mypaint-1.2.0a.7z (GTK 3.14.13 + Anti-Art's experimental brush settings + brushpack , July 3, 2015)
mypaint-1.1.1a.7z (GTK 3.14.9 + Anti-Art's experimental brush settings + brushpack , April 1, 2015)
mypaint-1.1.1a-debug_win32.7z  (GTK 3.14.8 debug, February 11, 2015)
mypaint-1.1.0+git-823aa882.7z (GTK 3.8.9, October 8, 2014)
mypaint-1.1.0+git-e06d414_rev2.7z (GTK 3.8.9, March 25, 2014)
mypaint-1.1.0+git-e06d414.7z (GTK 3.8.9, March 21, 2014)
mypaint.exe (GTK 3.6.4, December 14, 2013) Single exe, Can be manually associated wih ora, Missing icon fxed, Try tahoma font (unicode compatibility?), Enable lot more file formats to import (gdk-pixbuf testing)
mypaint-171113_3.7z (GTK 3.6.4, December 05, 2013) Try to optimize more
mypaint-171113_2.7z (GTK 3.10.4, November 17, 2013) Confirm that tablet doesn't work?
mypaint-171113.7z (GTK 3.8.6, November 17, 2013) MRU and lag workaround
mypaint-161113.7z (GTK 3.8.6, November 16, 2013)
mypaint-121013.7z (GTK 3.6.4, October 12, 2013)
mypaint_270113git_dbg_rev2.7z (old)

Please give comments at http://forum.intilinux.com/mypaint-general-discussion/mypaint-1-1-for-windows/

Some info that might be useful when reporting bugs:

lag+break bugreport (if you find something new please post at the bugtracker to let mypaint devs know)
zoom bug, currently unreported as this is a packaging issue (will be irrelevant)

mypaint 1.1.0+git
python 2.7.5
pygtk 2.24.0
pygobject 2.28.6
pycairo 1.10.0
psyco 2.0
numpy 1.8.0rc2
pygi/pygobject 3.4.2
gobject introspection 1.34.2
gtk+ 2.24.14
gtk+ 3.6.4
atk 2.6.0
cairo 1.12.10
pango 1.32.6
glib 2.38.1
gdk-pixbuf 2.26.4

Inside the 7zip file contains:
mypaint_gtk2.bat -> run mypaint in GTK2/PyGTK mode
mypaint_gtk2_debug.bat -> run mypaint in GTK2/PyGTK mode under GDB session
mypaint_gtk3.bat -> run mypaint in GTK3/PyGI mode
mypaint_gtk3_debug.bat -> run mypaint in GTK3/PyGI mode  under GDB session

How to help?
- Report your tablet name, pressure sensitivity status, not just "it works" or "it doesn't work" or "it slow". Read comments below here, someone may give direction which driver to download.
- If you're user who use both Linux and Windows, try GTK2 and GTK3 and tells mypaint's devs if you spot a misbehaving of Windows' version.
- Tell mypaint's devs your suggestion to make Windows' version better.

Enjoy and Thank You!
More info about participating MyPaint development can be found at http://mypaint.intilinux.com/?page_id=18


  1. I did download mypaint_270113git_dbg_rev2.7z. But it seems to me the content isn't complete because 7zip shows more than 2000 errors and a lot of files having a packed size of zero kb. Or do I have a 7zip issue?
    Comment: The whole file has 20.784 kb.

  2. Thanks, the downloaded file is OK now. I tried for a short first time both (gtk2 and gtk3): nice program. For gtk2 it runs smooth so far I tried some thing. For gtk3 the change brush dialogue crashes:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "C:\ProgrammeNeutral\MyPaint\mypaint\gui\dialogs.py", line 332, _on_style_set(no details)
    #sw.modify_bg(gtk.STATE_NORMAL, bl_style.base[gtk.STATE_NORMAL])
    self.brushlist.modify_bg(gtk.STATE_NORMAL, bl_style.base[gtk.STATE_NORMAL])
    icon_size = self.ICON_SIZE
    variables: {'gtk.STATE_NORMAL': ('global', ), 'self': (None, []), 'bl_style': (None, [])}
    IndexError: list index out of range

    I'll try to change the batch files for Gramps on the week end.

  3. OK, heres whats happening on my Win7 64bit.
    gtk3 - changing brushes is crashing MyPaint. I cant even see icons of brushes.
    gtk2 - first run goes ok however It seems to work without pressure detection. Whats interesting is every other then first run of the program. Brush strokes are slow and discontinuous and in cmd.exe window, when I move stylus that text is continuously displayed:

    _gdk_input_other_event: native_window=00010010 +586+978
    _gdk_input_other_event: native_window=00010010 +584+981
    _gdk_input_other_event: native_window=00010010 +582+985

    and so on, ONLY when I move stylus. Also when I switch to mouse MyPaint works smoothly and stops to display that. Switching to wacom stylus brings problem back.

    Hope that helps somehow, really love MyPaint.

  4. On the GTK2 version (the one 1.1 for Windows is supposed to be based on) it appears that if you:

    - Put the stylus down on the canvas (begin a painting stroke)
    - While the stylus is still down press [spacebar] to pull out the popup menu
    - Press the Escape key to remove the popup menu

    You can continue the stroke without lag and breakage.
    In the process, in the debug window it seems as if MyPaint cycles in and out WINTAB libraries.
    If a stroke has already been started when Wintab libraries are invoked, the stroke won't lag or break.

    So, there must be a bug somewhere there.

  5. I just checked and I can confirm what Tizzboom said.

  6. The same can also be performed in this way, although it probably only works on Intuos tablets (with the tilt function):

    - Open MyPaint 1.1 GTK2
    - Help>Debug>GTK Input Device Dialog
    - Click on [Device: WACOM Tablet Pressure Stylus]
    - Under "Axes" set Pressure to 4 (tilt X) instead of 3

    From now on, if you:

    - Click once on the canvas
    - Move the pointer away from the MyPaint window
    - Move the pointer back again on the canvas

    the stroke will be continuously drawn without lagging or breaking up. The only thing is that since pressure is now mapped on the X tilt, it will keep drawing forever. And of course, this is not a very practical behavior for digital painting/drawing.

    Clicking once again with the stylus tip on the canvas makes subsequent strokes lag and break again.

  7. On Windows 8 64 bit,

    The GTK2 version seem to be lagged despite the method in the comment (maybe I did something wrong...)
    The GTK3 Version seem to work perfectly (no lag, zooming okay, mirror okay) while the brush selector is broken (but if ignore the error message, one can still select from one of the 4 brushes)

  8. The tips I posted have been tested on Windows 8 64 bit.

  9. Did you ever try profiling the windows build with something like valgrind and maybe comparing the results to the linux build? I'm probably wrong about it since I'm not a programmer, but software like that always seems to come up when there's performance problems.

    1. i did thought that initially, but it's not performance issue see the bugreport for commits that trigger the bug.

      btw it is drmemory rather than valgrind on windows :)

  10. I am a keen user of MyPaint on Windows, and I am really looking forward to having 1.10 on Windows. As an ordinary user without any coding or programming knowledge, is there anything I can do to help troubleshooting the bug and bring 1.10 to Windows ASAP? I run Windows 7 64-bit on a 2 year old Acer laptop, without graphic tablets or pen displays.

    1. If you dont use tablet then current build should be ok. Only problem I ran into is when using stylus. Mouse works just fine.

    2. Where can I get the current build for Windows? Is there anything else I can help out with? I plan to use a graphics tablet in the future, so I would like to help out in this problem (without a tablet currently).

  11. Just grab file from the link above (mypaint_270113git_dbg_rev2.7z), unpack it and run mypaint_gtk2.bat. You should be good to go if using just mouse. Ofcourse we are all waiting to stylus related bugs to be fixed.

  12. So mypaint_gtk3.bat runs perfectly fine with my Bamboo Pen. Hmmm.

  13. ..Excited to just have heard about the new 1.1 release only to find out it won't work in windows with tablets?! :/ Hope there is luck in finding the tablet issues because with out my tablet v1.1 is useless to me. 1.0 still works great though, but I might give mypaint_270113git_dbg_rev2.7 a try on my windows 7 & 8's PCs when I can.

  14. I have tried this on Windows 7 ro 64 bit with a cheap Silvercrest tablet.

    Mypaint gtk2 works fine, even with the tablet (with pressure sensitivity turned off (default setting). You can still draw with the tablet and get a good result.

    The new features are awsome and just to say thanks to the guys who made this version possible. You have made an ols artist very happy.

  15. Guys, why don't you just put a bounty for fixing this problem? Or how about hiring a freelancer? I'm sure plenty of users would donate cash to get working windows build.

  16. I get the broken brush strokes like anyone else in GTK2.

    But in GTK3, the brush strokes work fine. Pressure sensitivity works fine also.

    However, like Helge, I do get this error when I try to change the brush:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "E:\FromTRANSFERDI1\mypaint_270113git_dbg_rev2\mypaint\gui\dialogs.py", line 332, _on_style_set(no details)
    #sw.modify_bg(gtk.STATE_NORMAL, bl_style.base[gtk.STATE_NORMAL])
    self.brushlist.modify_bg(gtk.STATE_NORMAL, bl_style.base[gtk.STATE_NORMAL])
    icon_size = self.ICON_SIZE
    variables: {'gtk.STATE_NORMAL': ('global', ), 'self': (None, []), 'bl_style': (None, [])}
    IndexError: list index out of range

    And the brush selection dialog is actually empty. Screenshot here: http://i.imgur.com/9Tqejz7.png

    This bug on the brush selection dialog doesn't happen in the GTK2 version.

    1. Interesting.. Do you get excessive repeated warning (at CMD box) during brush stroke with gtk3?. If not That's good news, at least I'd rather deal with GTK3's than GTK2 issue that have been years now.

      About the brush dialog, I still wait for linux users/devs who could confirm if that was windows only issue, because GTK3/PyGI is still preliminary.

    2. I do get repeated messages about the pen x,y coordinates whenever I move the pen (not just when brushing), is that what you were referring to?

      It's repeats of this:
      WINTAB motion: 567.431,282.781
      _gdk_input_other_event: window=018D01E4 +567+282

      I'm assuming that's just for debug and not an error/warning.

    3. yes, that's just warning. I guess it's an issue with my tablet...

    4. The gtkstyle object used in Mypaint is deprecated in GTK+ 3.0.It probraly doesnt support gobject-introspection.

  17. Hello,

    Thanks for your attempts at building window version of MyPaint.

    I am no coder and have no compilling knowledge at all, but i noticed on a Gimp board something that imply that the Cairo libraries on windows may have lots of problem.

    I don't know if that's the case with the bugs you encounter when trying to build MyPaint 1.1, but i report it in case you have not noticed :

    On that Gimp board some people are offering windows special builds of Gimp with the MyPaint brushes in it.
    But from the thread about one of those builds :

    It appears that they have lots of problems of performance and the guilty part seems to be the Cairo library.
    As using an older version of the cairo dll seems to fix this performance problem completely (i have tried as instructed in that thread and indeed it deliver a huge boost of performance).

    1. Yes I knew about early cairo 1.10.x bugs that crashed gtk3. The latest one didn't crashed. as I already mentioned for mypaint it's _not_ a performance issue, I have mentioned the cause of the bugs (for gtk2, see bugreport) though the solution is to be found.

      For gtk3 OTOH, the error is completely different I think this blog is the only one providing pygi until now... So we're pretty much alone and without linux users/devs join in to confirm the bugs here, the progress will always slow if not stalled.

  18. I've come across this while doing research for a prospective PyGTK -> PyGI migration for Gourmet Recipe Manager (github.com/thinkle/gourmet). Looks great! Do you intend to get in touch with upstream developers? I believe that Dieter Verfaille has done some work on this, maybe you guys can team up in order to turn this into something official!

    1. I still use Dieter's old patch for this GI ;) but his github no longer active quite a while.

      I found the scanner still not reliable especially for doc annotation and sometime for the parameters (which can be fatal).

      But from what I know (long time ago, correct me if I'm wrong), the plan at upstream devs is to use MSVC as the main toolchain for windows port. They already did that for most of the C Libraries.

      while what I doing here is tweak mingw to target msvcr90.dll. So I doubt if this will ever be official... in fact mypaint never use official build when using pygtk...

      Personally I'm not qualified to be "in touch" because I'm more into packager than developer. I could do little fixing provide there is sufficient hint (thanks to Helge) as I can't afford testing myself

  19. Hello.
    Thank you.
    Screen mode, the Windows version has a bug.
    Wacom tablet ...
    See the video.
    MyPaint 1.1.0 gtk2 Screen mode bug

  20. Same here... gtk3 runs just fine on my windows 7 64 machine
    just the UI looks like shit and cant see the brushes lol

  21. Quick test of GTK2 version, running Win 8 64 Bit with Genius Wizard Pen WP (5540U).

    If I toggle back and forth between screen mode and window mode on the pressure setting dialogue and then leave it on window mode, I get pressure sensitive input, without a lag.

    Can't promise it is consistent. Also I do not get a cursor showing exactly where I am about to draw.

    Not a coder/programmer but perhaps gives a hint, different handling of pressure tablet between screen mode and window mode

    And cynically thinking that now my computer is going to stop this work-around from working

  22. how can i open the file after the download?

    1. You'll need to install 7zip http://www.7-zip.org/

    2. oh god i feel bad that i keep asking :/ im really not a computer wiz i wish i was though. so i have the thing downloaded and have the 7 zip out now what?

    3. I see, no prob :)

      Double click mypaint_270113git_dbg_rev2.7z if it doesn't open 7zip automatically use "open with" dialog and choose 7-zip file manager, inside 7zip, Extract all files to somewhere.

      browse there and double click either mypaint_gtk2 or mypaint_gtk3, see which suit you better.

    4. when extrecting the files it stops at 35% :/

    5. ahhh yes! i did it thanks :)

  23. when extrecting the files it stops at 35% :/

  24. Would it be possible to, say, splice the old tablet engine (is that the correct term? Driver, maybe? I don't know nothin' :/) from 1.0 to 1.1? or is the driver/engine for the tablet too ingrained with the rest of the program in 1.1 to remove it and splice 1.0's into it?
    Did they actually change how the pressure sensitivity is read in 1.1, or is it just that the new settings and variables put in 1.1 don't sit well with the existing tablet driver input thingamabob?
    Sorry for all the questions :P I may not be too intelligible, as I really don't know what it is that reads the tablet's input or how the input is translated into something MyPaint can use.

    1. I think from tablet to mypaint can be sort of this:

      Mypaint Stroke (Tablet) -> Vendor Driver Apps (which allow change settings etc) -> Vendor Driver Wintab32.dll (which interact with Operating System) -> Gdk2/3 (part of GTK2/3) -> MyPaint Canvas

      Tablet issue usually happen between Driver to GDK part. For example I can't use Genius Mousepen tablet with Mypaint/PyGI while others seems able to. This is driver incompatibility. Tablet engine is probably refer to Wintab32 which GDK3/GDK2 try to interact with. Right now the best bet IMO is to wait GTK3 matured for Windows and MyPaint properly ported (I haven't checked this) to GTK3.

      That said gdk2 (which has issue) is not exchangeable with gdk3 (which seems has less issue). You could try different driver version to try with MyPaint/PyGI as workaround, but probably useless for MyPaint/PyGTK. OTOH the change from 1.0 to 1.1 is (at least) not expected to trigger gdk2's bug which we luckily get away in version 1.0. I've no idea whether "undoing" the change is feasible or not though.

  25. Please forgive me posting here. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all time and mental effort the developers have put in to this programme.

    As a Windows XP user I have been using MyPaint for some time. It is already a lovely programme but the ability to create, save and load colour pallets would be fantastic and I do look forward to having this feature however might I humbly ask that any new Windows version offers the Gamut mask feature in addition to the rather wonderful Harmonies feature. We are not all highly skilled and we do not all have tablets. I think I like the idea of the masks but I would stick to V1 if the Harmonies feature were removed.

    I may not have any great skill but I get a very great deal of pleasure from a few free artistic programmes including yours, Sirs THANK YOU.


    1. Just to clarify MyPaint is by MyPaint Devs. I'm just providing win32 port ;)

      BTW last weekend I tried the latest mypaint and things are getting better, it getting closer to gegl-ready state.

  26. masbro, mypaint release terbarunya untuk windows apa sudah bisa di download?

    1. belum bro, dah tanya ke martin renold katanya masih sebagian portingnya ke gtk3 dan maih ada bugsnya (palagi windows) kyknya ga mungkin versi 1.1 deh, versi 1.2 kali

  27. Hi Developers,

    Do MyPaint 1.1 for windows is ready ?
    I appreciate your effort and thanx for making this wonderful tool.

  28. Any news about the Windows version? All the windows artists in the world have their eyes focused on you!!! ;-)
    (and I am not trying to put more pressure on you)

    1. Thanks :-D, I can't give any promises though

      The effort eventually depends on GTK3 progress, I have waited for newer version 3.10.x to be released. See http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/sources/gtk+ for their progress

    2. On 2013-09-23 20:48 the 3.10 gtk has been added ^_^
      Keep fingers crossed...
      Thank you for your commitment!

  29. 3.10 is out!
    ive spent hours trying to get the cintiq13hd running on linux with no success- I really hope the windows build is possible.. mypaint.. #1

  30. This post is originally written almost a year ago. The 1.1 Mypaint was out in november... this is so annoying =( Maybe there's a chance for the 1.2 release in the winter, and hopefully is gets ported without bugs?
    Tumagonx, have you tried building the current development version? We're all confused without any information...

    Thank you for doing this!

    1. I'm about to update pygi to latest gtk 3.10.1, will see what happen next

    2. Thanks for the update, I've been refreshing this page several times everyday ever since the first GTK 3.10.x release.

      Can't thank you enough for working on the windows version for MyPaint, and wish you luck in a successful build.

      Again thanks

  31. Gosh, after absent in compiling win32 packages for months I felt slow and senile... Or this gtk thingy have been getting away from windows world...

    1. That bad?.. ='( Any specifics?

    2. On my side I need to refresh a bit. On gtk side for ex. definition files are missing, it was easy to create but could be a bad sign of lacking Windows developer upstream. Usually a release version is buildable out of box.

      Some test files even use non-portable unixish function, slowing down the process.

    3. Has everything been sorted out or are there still issues with compiling a build?

    4. A bit confused, sometime ago Gnome's guy contact me about my pygi build and asking if I plan to update it (he linked my build in gnome page in fact: https://wiki.gnome.org/PyGObject). But apparently since gtk 3.8.x there has been steady progress to move o Microsoft Visual C++ compiler based build. That's why I felt its getting harder to build as I use GCC/MinGW.

      In the end I don't want to confuse the whole pygtk/pygi community with my build that probably has no prospect in the future. I will contact him for more info, this could mean I will cease my pygi build entirely and encourage any advanced mypaint users to learn this guide https://live.gnome.org/GTK%2B/Win32/MSVCCompilationOfGTKStack and lead on.

      Basically I realize there are problems with my current pygi build, while no official pygi has been released yet it would be better if I retreat.


    5. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. I got a positive encouraging word from Tagliaretti although I firmly believe the stable releases (3.10.0, 3.10.1, 3.10.2 including 3.8.x) no longer tested with mingw/gcc as they consistently broken out of box. I'll continue on, right know I have a minimal runtime built, it can run with older pygi but I have problem generating "proper" new girs/typelib.

  32. Okay, I have solved the new typelibs/girs issue. Next is testing it with mypaint.

    1. OMG OMG OMG!! I keep visiting this page five times a day...
      Thanks for the info!

  33. Ha.. it worse than mypaint_270113 this one can't even hold on for 1 sec after launched. Do I need to upload it?

  34. Hmm.. while with the new pygi 3.10 it looks like crap, however with last revision of pygi 3.4.2 it runs smoothly

  35. uploaded
    please test, my tablet broken with this build.

  36. This version will work with screen mode.
    Thank you.

  37. holy smokes its workin! will post bugs if I find anything - working on tablet PC and also Cintiq..
    cheers to tuma

    1. So you get stylus (pressure) workin too? it would be important to know cause gdk (which responsible for that) change behavior again in gtk 3.10. So I need to know which one should I use.

      Mine (genius mousepen) barely detected and every stroke drawn like a slow motion waveform.

    2. Using an intuos 4 medium on windows 7 ultimate 64 bits, the pressure is working great !

    3. Thanks angel. So Wacom tablets seems more compatible.

    4. yes I got about an hours run on the new build - wacom tabletPC and wacom 13hd cintiq. its working great.
      the only thing I notice different is that the "smooth tracking" or however you call it - related to brushes with delay - they seem a bit off , or not so slow .. maybe its just in my head.
      otherwise the pressure sensitivity is working flawless for wacom sensors.

  38. TumaGonx found a little bug http://pastebin.com/stCDGBAE this one is on palette menu settings when you add new color.

    Other than that looks working. One thing it is , bind it to be executable and without running on console.

    Eh. If not possible let it be! Inform Maxy that it is working again and iron a bit this little bug. From my fast check now looks production ready.

    It has Ironed this bug : - fullscreen bug that happens from Mypaint version 0.9 on windows , - interface looks fluent

    System is , Windows 8.1.

    Regarding the brush delay on smooth , that it is the normal behavior on Mypaint slow brush , the user must draw slow to see the effect of that.


  39. Fill tool gives multiple errors like this

    Exception while analyzing the exception.
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "C:\Users\Florin\Downloads\mypaint-12102013\mypaint\gui\document.py", line 1192, in mode_flip_action_activated_cb
    File "C:\Users\Florin\Downloads\mypaint-12102013\mypaint\gui\canvasevent.py", line 1229, in context_push
    File "C:\Users\Florin\Downloads\mypaint-12102013\mypaint\gui\fill.py", line 57, in enter
    super(FloodFillMode, self).enter(**kwds)
    File "C:\Users\Florin\Downloads\mypaint-12102013\mypaint\gui\canvasevent.py", line 1418, in enter
    File "C:\Users\Florin\Downloads\mypaint-12102013\mypaint\gui\fill.py", line 52, in cursor
    return app.cursors.get_action_cursor(self.__action_name__, name)
    File "C:\Users\Florin\Downloads\mypaint-12102013\mypaint\gui\application.py", line 1018, in get_action_cursor
    return self.get_icon_cursor(icon_name, cursor_name)
    File "C:\Users\Florin\Downloads\mypaint-12102013\mypaint\gui\application.py", line 1048, in get_icon_cursor
    icon_pixbuf = icon_theme.load_icon(icon_name, size, flags)
    File "C:\Users\Florin\Downloads\mypaint-12102013\lib\site-packages\gi\types.py", line 47, in function
    return info.invoke(*args, **kwargs)
    GError: Icon 'mypaint-tool-flood-fill' not present in theme

    Canvas speed /Zoom working perfect and better than 1.0 , zooming now is damn fast.

    1. GError: Icon 'mypaint-tool-flood-fill' not present in theme

      oops I forgot to use the new icons set. Will re-up

  40. It works like a charm with my genius mousepen 8x6 :) Thanks (be aware that genius tablets have buggy drivers, i had to reinstall them plenty of times)

    1. Oh cool, which driver version you have?

    2. "MousePen 8x6 Driver(support Dual Screen) " from 2013-01-03 16:08:00.0

    3. Thanks, works as you said :)
      geniusnet keep show me driver from 2011 if I choose xp. No wonder It didn't worked before.

    4. Sometimes pressure is messed up, but it's not related to MyPaint.

    5. Genius uses UC-logic parts for most of their tablets...they just do a bad job...

      try uninstalling your drivers and using the latest drivers from uc-logic.com

  41. Holly smokes! Looks like there is working Mypaint 1.1 on windows :O Looks good man, I just dont see an option to rip menus, make them floating.. All the rest seams to work with little pressure problems here and there but generally... working!!!

  42. I just tested your build from october on my win32 OS and ... it ... it works !
    I had a little tear of joy in my old eye to be able to paint for half a hour in that version of 1.1 and nothing seemed to break !

    Thank you so much a very lot , that's amazing all the work you have done to try to provide a working window version of Mypaint 1.1

    I had to scratch a bit my head in front of how the interface changed (all the brushes aren't anymore in a tab but i must click a button to have them displayed) but it was quick to adapt.

    The only problem i had so far was the texts for the interface and labels that seems to be so antialiased that it makes every letters too thin , as i can't find any option related to this so i guess it could be a bug or a setting somewhere that isn't yet working fully.

    But out of that, it's a real delight to paint with the symmetry
    Thank you very much !

    1. Try to create settings.ini file inside Lib\site-packages\gtk\etc\gtk-3.0 directory containing this lines: (or change it with you own favorite font)

      gtk-font-name = Arial Black 8

  43. Thank you very much, i tested and it works better, i'll give a test to some other fonts if i can find one that looks nicer with that forced antialiasing.

  44. I'm interested to test it so I've downloaded it but when I launch the mypaint_gtk3.bat I've got this errors:

    CRITICAL: mypaint: We are not correctly installed or compiled!
    CRITICAL: mypaint: script: 'mypaint\\mypaint.py'
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "mypaint\mypaint.py", line 261, in
    = get_paths()
    File "mypaint\mypaint.py", line 159, in get_paths
    from lib import mypaintlib
    ImportError: No module named lib
    Press any key to continue . . .

    What's wrong?

    Should I have python installed?? Or others packages??


    1. just a silly guess... do you have C:\Apps\MyPaint_1_1\mypaint\lib folder?

    2. Me too :D

      Anyway if you copy from your friend you need to delete his/her userdata_GTK3 (just in case)

  45. yes I got it


    Another user give me his mypaint 1.1 working directory and it works also for me.
    Now I can't understand what's wrong.


  46. When will be official installer available? :)

    1. I think we are currently closer to Mypaint 1.2 than 1.1. No 1.1 installer, but I'll give another build in .exe form.

  47. Only annoying thing I found it is that the cursor flickers from normal windows cursor to mypaint cursor when I draw. This can be a turnoff a bit!

  48. i dont get a flicker, but sometimes (alot) it messes up and I'm drawing with my arrow pointer

  49. I've got a Samsung ATIV SmartPC Pro tablet PC with pressure-sensitive S-Pen, running full Windows 8 x64, and the Python-based GTK3 version linked in the post works pretty much perfectly, with only minor interface-related oddities. One is that drag-n-drop seems to have been disabled on.. well, everything. Had to edit the config file to put a set of favorite brushes together, but I understand from reading elsewhere that this is a temporary issue with moving to GTK3.
    Another is that brush lists would really work better if they arranged into tabs in a single element, not full lists, but since they do seem to have tab headers I am assuming this is likewise a temporary arrangement?

    Problems beside that are that the recent files list doesn't save (a side-effect of the Python implementation?), dragging interface elements doesn't really work, can't even dock anything anywhere (probably related to the drag-n-drop functionality being disabled), the drawing cursor periodically forgets to show itself (i.e. can't see the brush size - it's getting replaced with the tablet's own OnHover marker), and a lot of buttons and interface elements in general have trouble reacting to pen input, although touch works.

    All in all, I really have just discovered what I've been missing with MyPaint 1.1.0 (was using 1.0.0 all this time), and I really like the new functionality. The onscreen instruments for zooming and rotating the canvas are a godsend in full tablet mode with no keyboard attached, and the inclusion of a lightness-based color picker is just great. I'll be waiting for a finalized release of the updated MyPaint with great anticipation! ^_^

    (seriously, I wouldn't mind seeing this for sale somewhere like Steam. It's a perfect application for the kind of drawing I like to do)

    1. Thanks, very useful review :thumbs:

      The MRU problem is weird one and maybe python side issue, cause if I run glade which also based on gtk3, it show MRU list.

      I still not sure whether tablet issue solved, as you and numarul7 said previously. There is flickers when cursor switched (that cause it randomly forget its state), and this may trigger lag bug again. In my test with newer GTK 3.10.2, I get no pressure support at all :(

      Your suggestion about brushlist would be nice if posted here http://forum.intilinux.com/mypaint-general-discussion they will hear you more ;-)

    2. It's not about driver... I testing both (GTK 3.6.4 and GTK 3.10.2) side by side, one work one fail. It's because gdk behavior changed in 3.10 and some old API has been deperecated

  50. Hello by developers!
    Link failure.... mypaint-161113.7z

  51. Okay, so in this new version (16112013), there are no problems using the interface so far, after a quick test. There isn't, likewise, any unnatural lag either. However, there is something rather more disruptive than lag - the "update time" of the brushes is slow. Where a quick, wavy stroke would be smooth previously, now it becomes a somewhat angular approximation of it.

    Other than that issue, things seem to work fine. Still same system, Samsung ATIV SmartPC Pro, Windows 8 x64.

    1. try compare with 171113 then compare to 121013? which best?

  52. Unicode name of the color palette does not import the error

    The file name '색상. Gpl'

    1. Is this regression from 1.0? or only within import gpl file?
      Sorry, the blog's font cant show unicode properly

    2. 1-byte file names do not have any problem. I can not adequately describe about this.


      Color palette file:

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Side window min-width seems too wide. Side window to use than the Linux version 1.1 seems to be uncomfortable. Original MyPaint 1.2 is will be so in the future?

    5. I'm afraid thats how the dock works, it use widest of minimum widget's wide currently shown (the widest is layer window).

    6. Sidebar left and right sides of the same width is used. In some cases, this waste of space will occur.

      Please refer to your advantage. Thank you.

      ps. pallet problems, let me ask the development team (see for more ..)

  53. Alright. Comparing the 171113 build to others.

    Interface problem in 171113: The interface updates on "mouse down" and "mouse up", but not inbetween as the cursor moves. Scrolling lists and picking shades in the color picker is rather harder because of that.

    Compared to 161113: The smoothnes and accuracy is back. The performance is a bit worse, but I'd rather have the accuracy.

    Compared to 121013 w/GTK3: The accuracy is pretty much the same, and the difference in speed, while mostly perceptible, is not terribly major.

    Just for kicks, compared to 1.0.0: Same smoothness and accuracy as far as I can tell, maybe. Performance is through the roof on the 1.0.0 - almost no lag at all. Is that a side-effect of the Python implementation - i.e. is the .exe inherently faster?

    So, performance-wise, I'd say 161113 would win, as it's the fastest (of the recent builds), but the lack of accuracy is bad. Overall, the 171113 works fine, excepting the interface problem. If that can be resolved, the speed is not much worse than the 121013 build.

    Also, a general problem found in 161113 and 171113 - clicking the corner X button to close the app results in an error message, ala "Unable to save: no such file or directory", and gives no option to save anything. Exiting through the menu works fine. After having saved a file once, though, the error seems to have disappeared - but still gives no option to save something, even if there was something drawn on the canvas. It just closes the app.

    Another note: the console log when the app starts, shows curious warnings, to the effect of "pressure sensitive device not found". Nothing else outstanding, though pressure sensitivity works great. ^_^

    Still same hardware, Samsung ATIV SmartPC Pro, Windows 8 x64.

    1. Update: testing 171113 out on the Windows 7 x64 laptop, the "corner X closes app without prompt" bug is not present. Will test on the tablet some more.

      Also, no visible lag on the laptop. I think it has something to do with the tablet not being plugged into anything when I'm testing on it, so it's running a lower clock speed.

    2. These builds are portable apps, "Unable to save: no such file or directory" means you're using other mypaint's userdata but put new mypaint on different location. Thus default scrap directory will be incorrect. Mypaint try to update scrap upon exiting.

      The exe version is just a loader nothing else, however older mypaint feature psyco "python optimizer", newer mypaint wont.

      Basically in 171113 I disable the "refresh limiter", so it should bring back accuracy of 121013, personally I don't see difference in movement responsiveness.

      Plus i made correction so 171113 should show recently used documents (MRU).

  54. Can sourceforge be trusted? GIMP stopped using them (http://www.gimp.org/) and there is a discussion (http://www.gluster.org/2013/08/how-far-the-once-mighty-sourceforge-has-fallen/) on how they've bundled malicious software in the links. Not sure whether to download from there:(

    1. Because mypaint still experimental, SF is only place I can rely on for technical reason. With my limited bandwidth I strictly can't tolerate any other uploader but rsync. Well, SF support rsync as simple as that.

      If you could suggest anything else that support rsync, I will move on :-)

      The linked article seems talk about installer, this one is 7zip archive, like I always did for mypaint. Rsync always did checksum with my local file so I doubt if they will alter the file.

    2. Thanks, I’ll try it out. Is this a portable version?

  55. I can confirm that on 17xxx the tablet works but with lag , instead of getting the pointer gets first like a mouse click then pen , giving instead of drawing a circle -> draws a straight line first then continue normal , that renders the build unusable for drawing , painting.

    mypaint-161113 it is only version usable , and I don`t see any lag , on my laptop and using Wacom Bamboo Tablet only gives a pointer flicker.

    NOTE to USERS : If you have Intel Based Tablet PC please check OFF in preferences HIGH QUALITY RENDERING or will lag , and that it is due the Intel on chip Video Card that it is CRAP!

    1. Now this is confusing @.@ 171113_2 (GTK 3.10) also works for you? If so then my tablet driver don't understand "double" precision cause it isn't loaded at all. and that's what changed in GDK 3.10.

    2. The driver loads on 17xxx_2 but looks like it is getting the mouse then the tablet input , and I suspect that it is the cause of the lag. Pointer it is recognized first like mouse and showing the pointer of the mouse in Windows 8.1 ?

      Maybe you can get an demo cd of Windows 8.1 or the Preview from some places and check this.

      Compared to Mypaint 1.0 on same system , Mypaint 1.0 flips the mouse from mouse to tablet input on going on canvas and does it instantly.

      That is why I say 16xxx version GTK 3.8.6 it is near usable with only that pointer flip , but I still thing that it is the greatest bug that GTK team must kill and got over the rainbow with GTK 3.10.

      So for Christams and ...for next ages of GTK team doing things artists can live with 16xxx build and updated missing icons.

      :D The fullscreen bug in Mypaint 1.0 it is more creativity killer.

      PS: buy a new tablet , cheapo tablets got always crap drivers

    3. Come on, no need to advise me to buy new tablet lol

      I think you misunderstand your tablet state please check MyPaint>Help>Debug>Test Input Devices
      what device's value? pointer or tablet?

      Of course every tablet IS a valid pointer (mouse) but not the opposite

  56. Other little problem : missing icons/buttons for + - in layers , in some settings , and palette button etc.

  57. GTK 3.10.4, November 17, 2013 - pressure control isnt working, when doing really fast strokes, just the very end of the line is getting thinner a bit.

  58. Just thought I woulds share my specs and experience with the program. I'm not running into any of the bugs mentioned below, as a matter of fact it works just like 1.0 for me. I'm currently using mypaint-171113.
    This might be from changes I made to windows for a similar bug I ran into Autodesk's sketchbook pro regarding pen pressure. The pen was pretty wonky on that and after reading up on the conflicts between Windows tablet features (win7 and win8) and the program I started searching ways to disable all of the built in tablet features via registry. I was able to get sketchbook pro to work correctly and I'm wondering if these changes had an impact on Mypaint 1.1, or could it just be the type of tablet I'm using? Here's my build for my workstation:

    Windows 8.1
    P-Active XPC-1910A LCD Tablet
    FX8350 CPU
    8GB Corsair
    Video: HD7970

    Please don't give up on this program, there is something definitely here to move forward with. I really like the new changes in 1.1, I'd be happy to buy a license to help keep a forward momentum in the development.

  59. Confirming that GTK3.10 doesn't register pressure for me as well. Samsung ATIV SmartPC Pro, Windows 8 x64. Performance is pretty good though. :P

    Is there a specific reason the new Mypaint won't use the optimizer? Extra performance never hurts, especially on a graphics tablet PC that limits CPU power when using battery power. ;)

    1. Thanks for confirming
      psyco available up to python 2.6 while newer parts of mypaint require python 2.7.

    2. But psyco isn't the only Python optimizer, is it? The psyco page links to something called PyPy...

    3. Not really, while Pypy may borrow concept from psyco, Pypy is an entirely different Python implementation, still new and under heavy development and probably only fraction of mypaint could run on it.

  60. My setup: WinXP, Wacom Bamboo Pen+Touch.

    GTK 3.10.4, November 17;
    1- No pressure sensitivity,
    2- Polygonal edges when drawing curved lines http://postimg.org/image/8g3q70ux3/

    GTK 3.8.6, November 17;
    All sliders jump from selected point to the next selected point as opposed to sliding. No problem with pressure s. or polygonal edges as stated for GTK 3.10

    GTK 3.8.6, November 16;
    only problem is the polygonal edges. (no issues with sliders or pressure sensitivity)

    1. "2- Polygonal edges when drawing curved lines"

      Good point, so the accuracy issue will affect all devices (mouse, tablet)

    2. Also there aren't any numbers next to any of the sliders! So there is no way of accurately knowing the percentages of opacity, size.

      In the brush settings however, all the values are next to the corresponding sliders.

    3. Noted. I will undo the workaround or find another way.

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. 3.8.6, November 17 seems to work very well for the most part (Windows 7 64 bit, Intuos 3 with latest drivers, nVidia graphics card).

    The only problem I have is that I can't drag brushes in my favourites, which someone else has commented on previously. I'll try to find out how to edit the favourite list, though I hope this functionality will be added in some way in a future release.

    Having been stuck on 1.0.0 for a long time, this is really great to use, thanks for all the hard work!

  63. GTK 3.6.4, December 05, 2013 - works very well for me under windows 7, 64bit. Only thing that bothers me is that floating (or docked) brushes widow is having at least 4 rows of brushes so it takes lot of space while it could easily be thinner. Not sure if thats something I should comment to devs or you ;) Thank you so much for a great job you are doing! Much appreciated - more people should know about this! Will try to spread the word!

    1. I agree, the brush list is too vertical. You could file a bugreport for that. I'm sure windows users input from aesthetic aspect is better than that of most of linux users :).

      "more people should know about this! Will try to spread the word!"
      Not sure about that, some users already spread the word that mypaint from this page is bad one without reporting their tablet's details. Scaring everyone else :-8

    2. I am not worrying about those who are scared of trying and testing ;) Doing my thing on G+, got few re-posts so far. Anyone can use that little thing to keep informing:

      Many people just like to wait till they have something given to themselves on a silver plate. I do appreciate your work and work of devs , trying to help as much as I can. Keep it up - for me last version works quite well, definitely you got somethng good going on there.
      Krita was as well horrible under windows and now it is practically production ready. Again - thx a lot!

    3. "Doing my thing on G+, got few re-posts so far"

      Oh now I see it, more than 100+! o.0
      Thanks man!

      I think at the moment users can start file bugreport to devs. We're closer to version 1.2 so I want to know confirmed Windows specific issues too. Still I want to know if there are more users with working tablets than not.

  64. Having tried GTK 3.6.4, December 05, 2013 on Win32XP SP3
    I get 3002 errors when extracting that look something like

    \Desktop\mypaint-171113_3.7z: Unknown method in mypaint\backgrounds\README
    \Desktop\mypaint-171113_3.7z: Unknown method in Lib\site-packages\gnome\lib\gegl-0.3\add.la

    When attempting to run the program, I get another error:

    \Desktop\mypaint-171113_3\mypaint_gtk3.bat is not a valid Win32 application

    1. I use lzma2 as compression method, I think you need newer 7zip 9.

    2. you're right that worked, thanks. Works perfectly.
      I noticed just a couple things;
      1. the text at the bottom left corner (zoom,rotation) is way, way too small (1920x1080 screen)
      2. There are no values next to the layer opacity slider and the sliders for all the 'options for the current tool' (size, opaque, hard smooth).

      All in all, great work and this one can save!!!!

  65. Hello,
    First I want to thank every body who participarte. And this software is great.
    My daugtehr is using it in version 1.0 but hit some limits whith the table we have (Genius G-Pen F610) problem wen using simultaniuous ly mouse and tablet, when switching to an other application etc.

    Then I tried almost all the versions available of this page.
    None is working. I meen they all work fine with the mouse, but not with the tablet.
    I have seen it work fine the firts line I draw, but the next line is not properly drawn. It is drawn when I release the pen. And the line is made of waves. As is the position of the pen was most of the time well evaluated and sometimes added by the size of the headers of the Window (menu + tool bar).
    Here is a screen capture : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12108744/Capture.PNG
    Hope this can help.

    I am developper and can be more precise if required.
    Regards and thanks again.

  66. Sory
    the version mypaint-171113_2.7z seems to work.
    But the presure of the pen does not work on all the versions I have been tested.
    MyPaint says No pressure sensitive devices found.

    1. Try checking MyPaint>Help>Debug>Test Input Devices
      if you see tablet id then it (at least) recognized but it may not work properly else it recognized as mouse. Me too have my Genius tablet (different model) not worked but after following Aroidzap driver download. It now works. My suggestion try newer driver (even if it wasn't listed for your OS)

  67. Here is the result for any of the version I tested.
    But I have seen once the test working for a couple of second then stop.
    And after starting the test again it was not functionning.

    Some how it seems that the input device is solicitated in 2 different ways. Sometimes the right way at start up of the program, and after an action, the wrong way.

    Here is the result with the result with MyPaint 1.0. In French!

    You can see the driver works fine.
    I will test an ther driver.

    Other question, how can I have the menus in french, My Daughter if quite young and needs French GUI.


  68. I installed the driver, and nothing changed but not working with version 1.0 either.
    deinstalling everything and reinstalling the original driver does not help event with Mypaint 1.0. Stangely the configuration program does detect the tablet and mesures the pressure!


  69. Sory, but I do not understand what is the real status of the software. Is it really working with some tablets? With what version of windows? (Win 7 French not, and Win 8.1 French neither)
    Is there any document that discribes how all this is articulated and the source code of the libgdk so I could eventually help in analysing, and helps solve this problem? I can not promise to find but I can search!

    Pascal Garcia

    1. It works on my Windows 7 x64 Ultimate with a Wacom Fun Pen&Touch S (CTH-470S) with pressure sensitivity. As any previous version of MyPaint did.

    2. Thanks for your effort Pascal, here is some info:

      GDK is part of GTK, source available at:
      Look under gdk subdir and grep for "wintab" keyword for a starter.

      Gdk 3.10 (so far) doesn't recognize / fail to load wintab driver.

      Gdk 3.6 and 3.8 is the one that compatible with most of wacom tablets. Mine, genius mouspen worked (with new driver) but I expect it to be a bit more responsive as with mypaint 1.0 did (using older driver).

      As you know currently only 32bit mypaint provided and because tablet driver come in vendor provided wintab32.dll then gdk only utilise 32bit part under Windows 64bit (file located in SYSWOW64).

      I don't know to help with your installation issue but in my case. I need to:
      unplug tablet
      uninstall old driver
      update & install new driver (make sure that the old files has been replaced)
      replug tablet

  70. Various tests.
    The driver does not work at all with my tablet.
    I have been able to reinstall the original driver and works again with mypaint 1.0 as before.

    The only version almost working but with no presure is
    mypaint-171113_2.7z (GTK 3.10.4, November 17, 2013)

  71. mypaint-171113_3.7z

    Is a problem with the new fonts applied.


    1. Correct, at first I thought arial black would give bolder text than the default but it give another problems. I will unset the default font next time.


  72. Okay, so the exe version seems to work fine, and addresses some of the issues I had with the interface and functions (i.e. periodical "forgetting" of settings and scrap numbers).

    There are only a few problems remaining. First, the "Export" function only works by extension - i.e. you can't pick a format to save as, only what will be displayed in the folder browser, and the file is saved according to the extension typed. The drop-down list of formats to save as is empty.

    Second, a minor one - when picking colors, you still can't actually see the exact shade of color you pick versus the one you had before, until you release the stylus - when using the HSV triangle, for instance. The triangle itself updates normally, but the color display is moved to the bottom left corner in 1.1.0, and doesn't update in sync with it.

    Drag&Drop still doesn't seem to work, too.

    Lastly... not a "problem" as such, but... is there a way to change the color of the interface? I don't think it was supposed to be so... black. Text is visible fine, but I still sort of prefer the usual white/grey.

    But even so, it's already quite usable. ^_^

    Same hardware, Samsung ATIV SmartPC Pro, running Windows 8 x64.

    (Do you think an Android port would ever be possible, incidentally? I know that the list of pressure-sensitive Android devices is... well, pretty much just the Samsung Galaxy Note series, but barring gross python incompatibility there shouldn't really be any obstacles... should there?)

    1. The first and second, I think those need to be reported to MyPaint devs (they probably aren't Windows specific issues). Good catches anyway.

      DnD: I'll get there ;-) I have seen other apps has working DnD (using my pygi binaries)

      Interface: Just as you thought, If it's not about text rendering issue I wouldn't try this theme. GTK3 theme/color is controlled by sets of CSS files (I'm not familiar yet). Agree it's too dark.

      Good point on Android. It may have feasible market. I've no experience on porting to such platform. But when we talk about desktop -> handheld it would be a subset of features issue, I only heard of python but not (yet) GTK.

    2. mypaint-171113_3.7z worked well
      Window XP + Wacom Bamboo tablet

      My only complaint is 'Frame' feature. It works only when it's the
      last operation done before saving to disk. The program stalls if
      I click on the Frame icon while in the middle of project.

    3. So, apparently a fix for the export/save format dropdown was committed to the code on... December 5th. It was literally the only thing changed (in mypaint:master) since mid-November though, so I suppose any code you're using now is reasonably current besides that. Still, any chance we could see an update? ;)

  73. I REALLY like changes in UI color of the last exe build! Since I am mostly working at night I like anything with dark interface (or ability to change to it). As I understand this version is not installer but just standalone, portable exe? Bit slow to start but it may be my antivirus slowing it. I didnt run into some really serious problems yet - THANK YOU!

    1. Ahh right, I should clarify that.
      Since this exe allowed to be associated with filetype I should not make it portable.

      Yes it has sloow startup because it really just a 7zipSFX that extract to temp and launch mypaint from there. I still looking a way to reduce the number of files because of that extraction will be slow and AV will scan each files at startup too.

      Glad you like it, basically I looking for darker theme to hide the ugliness of the text rendering.

  74. Thank you for your efforts. EXE version is good. Open PSD function is especially good.

    Bugs, opening a file ORA Preview does not work.

    Suggestions, I want you to use the standard Windows fonts. (Clear type font used)

    1. Yes I notice that too, but it seems only happened to particular old ora format e.g from mypaint 0.8.

      "Suggestions, I want you to use the standard Windows fonts. (Clear type font used)"

      Thats exactly the problem, GTK3 seems override Cleartype. I have look at Pango source code (which responsible for Cleartype) and can confirm everything is OK. The problem is in GTK itself, so far if I had to patch GTK, I could make it to automatically switch between Tahoma (for XP) or Segoe UI (Vista) instead of Sans (Linux default). But of course that's not enough we need cleartype back.

    2. Thank you.

      But the procedure is too inconvenient for File Save.
      It's as if uncomfortable as GIMP.
      This approach is not a good choice.

  75. Hi, just wanted to thank you, I have been able to draw some stuff very naturally with exe 3.6.4, win 7 64 intuos 5 symmetry paint working great, thank you so much for letting us non Linux users enjoy my paint with new features

  76. Windows XP + Bamboo tablet

    I tried mypaint.exe and it worked well. I found out why 'Frame' feature was so
    hard to use ---> I didn't realize that P must be pressed on keyboard
    to switch to Brush mode.

    I made a bat file to
    Start mypaint.exec mypaint\mypaint.py

    There was a terminal complaint that one file was missing, but it launched.

  77. MyPaint Windows icon file format that I made.
    If necessary, you can use this.


  78. Good job! But delays are really uncomfortable :(
    Here's drivers for my tablet:
    I hope, you can fix it ;)
    ~Anonymous user :D

    1. Pressure works fine, problem is just that delay!
      And also there are some strange things in saving applet!
      ~Anonymous user :D

  79. mypaint.exe (GTK 3.6.4, December 14, 2013) works fine for now, takes about a minute to load and there's another dos window open which I have to manually close after exiting Mypaint.
    System: Lenovo x200 tablet Win 7 Ultimate x64.
    I will put it through it's paces this weekend and report back if I encounter any issues.
    Thanks for all the hard work.

  80. Genius uses UC-Logic parts for their tablets, they just do a VERY bad job...

    get the drivers from UC-Logic.com...

    NOTE: draw2much on dA and I aswell are working to help those who have uc-logic based tablets so if you need help (especially with windows 8.1) ask us...(I cover windows 8 and 8.1 so ask me if you need help on my dA)

    I found a simple fix for 8.1 users...

    1. I meant genius is bad at implementing the parts.

      uc-logic digitizers are very good.

    2. Thanks a lot Jeremy, will give it a try on xp and 7

    3. I think I like the latest UC-logic driver (wintab32.dll 5.3.2013.918). Do you know other genius tablets based on uc-logic?

  81. Wow, many thanks for the latest build TG, so far it's worked great on my Win7 Ultimate. I'm happy as a clam and you are awesome :)

  82. Hello! Just wanted to say that the latest version of the exe is working pretty much perfectly for me. I'm running it in Windows 8 64-bit with a Wacom Intuos4 tablet. Pressure sensitivity and tablet recognition are smooth without an ounce of lag. Zooming and rotation are a bit slow even with high quality zoom turned off, but it's not too distracting and other than that I haven't experienced any problems or crashes.

    Thanks so much for your work on getting MyPaint 1.1 to Windows!

  83. Thank You for amazing work.
    mypaint-171113_3.7z (GTK 3.6.4, December 05, 2013)
    is launch faster than
    mypaint-171113.7z (GTK 3.8.6, November 17, 2013)

    but spacebar work like mouse2 button.

    its still posible have stable, and fast MyPaint 1.1.0 in windows ? like in linux ;)

  84. I seem to be having an... odd new problem with the exe version of the program. Now, as far as I know I did not change any related hardware or software of my tablet, barring introducing a second stylus.

    The problem is that the program is registering stylus contact as slightly below the OS-reported stylus contact point. "Slightly" being about 10 pixels, or about 3/4s of a millimeter of real screen distance. When drawing with, say, a thin pencil, the brush preview hovers in the OS reported point, but the line is drawn under that. This extends to the interface - clicking a button or a list item with the stylus results in misclicking if the deviation is not properly accounted for.

    Mouse input, as well as touch input work fine. The deviation is not limited to the extra stylus, the original stylus displays the same behavior. Calibration might be to blame, but MyPaint would have to store its own calibration settings or somehow read them from a different system instance (say, a previous restore point pre-calibration) for that to be a factor, as it's offset from the position the OS itself says the stylus is pointing at.

    Weird stuff, all in all. I'll try resetting the calibration, and then recalibrating, and see how the behavior changes.

    Same hardware, Samsung ATIV SmartPC Pro, Win8 x64.

    1. Update: Okay, just as I thought. MyPaint somehow uses uncalibrated screen data ("raw" data, as it were) on stylus position for registering clicks. Decalibrating the stylus input made the drawn lines exactly follow the brush preview, and clicks register exactly where the OS says they will. Calibrating again reintroduced the bug, the offset was slightly different because I recalibrated in a hurry, but it was still there.

      I could maybe understand if it was the case only for the drawing area, but why is the interface affected too?

    2. I don't know if I could answer correctly, GDK has separate control for mouse and tablet, maybe these which give each own screen x and screen y coord and so on which affect globally.

    3. Maybe you could try seeing if it's possible to make it use the position of the cursor? Or read the calibration values from the OS?

      Or, heck, add a manual calibration field. Quick and decidedly dirty. Maybe a better way would be to setup an input calibration dialog, where it would check the coords returned from GDK and the OS, and assign the offsets automatically...

      I suspect the reason this didn't come up earlier is primarily that there aren't yet many users of hybrid graphics tablet PCs like mine, or the new Wacom Cintiq Companion.

  85. don't know if it's just me, but if I click out of the mypaint screen with the brushes window open (not the sidebar, the top button) and then return to the window, the only way to check my other non-mypaint windows is if I minimize it instead of just clicking out of the window. It does this every time, and only with this sequence of events. If I close the brushes button/window before clicking on something like a google chrome window, it won't do it.

    basically, it's doing a "always on top" type of thing(won't close or let me view other windows) unless I specifically click the minimize button.

    other than that, the program is laggier than older versions, but if I keep everything but the program closed it works mostly fine.

    1. Looks like a serious issue...
      about the lag, try Help>Debug>"Run Garbage Colecctor Now" after using mypaint for a while. Mypaint tend to sucks your ram overtime :-(

  86. Since I guess you don't receive notifications of secondary replies, I'll repost:

    Maybe you could try seeing if it's possible to make it use the position of the cursor? Or read the calibration values from the OS?

    Or, heck, add a manual calibration field. Quick and decidedly dirty. Maybe a better way would be to setup an input calibration dialog, where it would check the coords returned from GDK and the OS, and assign the offsets automatically... But even a simple solution will do. Having to draw off-calibration is getting frustrating. :(

    I suspect the reason this didn't come up earlier is primarily that there aren't yet many users of hybrid graphics tablet PCs like mine, or the new Wacom Cintiq Companion.

    It really could be said to be a Windows-specific issue, after all. You're not going to find many hybrid graphics tablet PCs running Linux or OSX anytime soon. ;)

    1. There are several offset issues way back since 0.8 some indeed windows specific issue. Since I can't reproduce yours here, I don't know if it even related or not.

      Sorry, I can't really comment about it ATM.

  87. Hmm... can I checkout your branch of the source from the repository? I'd like to try and putter around the code, maybe see if it's possible to feed modified input coordinates at the initial step. If the basic coordinates returned from the OS-handled input event can be modified appropriately before being fed into GTK or whichever part processes the drawing to canvas and pressure-sensitivity, it'd make a crude but effective workaround for the issue.

    No, I'm not terribly experienced or anything. But I'd still like to try. ^_^

    1. If you just want to add offset I believe this is doable via python source code.

      You can open mypaint.exe with 7zip and extract the content then examine .py source code files. Once you're done put back the modified files to 7zip again and save.

  88. Hello,

    can anyone please explain how to install this build? I can't get it to work : ( Thank you in advance.

    1. could you explain the problems?
      It doesn't need to be installed.

    2. Thank you for your quick reply. The problem is now solved - i was not patient enough and closed the Dos Window after running the .exe file, because i thought it is stuck. I had to wait for at least 40 seconds. Everything works fine.

  89. Windows Vista error for the .exe:
    ImportError: DLL load failed: The specified procedure could not be found.

    The .bats didn't run, period :(
    I'm glad that you're making progress, though. I've been wanting to use MyPaint 1.1 for so long, I can almost taste it... :P


  90. So, I have a little problem here, until yesterday, MyPaint ...."mypaint.exe (GTK 3.6.4, December 14, 2013) Single exe, Can be manually associated wih ora, Missing icon fxed, Try tahoma font (unicode compatibility?), Enable lot more file formats to import (gdk-pixbuf testing)" .... was running perfectly. but...then the bug occured.....i will copy what it writes to me so............................."Exception while analyzing the exception.
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "C:\Users\MAT~1\AppData\Local\Temp\7zS892FB5E7\lib\site-packages\gi\overrides\GLib.py", line 633, in
    return (lambda data: callback(*data), user_data)
    File "C:\Users\MAT~1\AppData\Local\Temp\7zS892FB5E7\mypaint\gui\history.py", line 63, in _update_history_images
    File "C:\Users\MAT~1\AppData\Local\Temp\7zS892FB5E7\mypaint\gui\history.py", line 97, in set_from_managed_brush
    self.pixbuf = brush.preview.copy()
    File "C:\Users\MAT~1\AppData\Local\Temp\7zS892FB5E7\mypaint\gui\brushmanager.py", line 873, in get_preview
    File "C:\Users\MAT~1\AppData\Local\Temp\7zS892FB5E7\mypaint\gui\brushmanager.py", line 1075, in _load_preview
    pixbuf = gdk.pixbuf_new_from_file(filename)
    GError: Failed to load image 'C:\Users\Matúš\AppData\Local\mypaint\brushes\history_0_prev.png': Fatal error in PNG image file: Read Error................................any idea why? thank you for answers

    1. I found, that I can't change my brushes (Opacity, etc.)

    2. if you test it on other computer or using other user account does it works?

    3. it works on another account, thank you very much :)

  91. Yo! First off, thank you so much for your hard work, it's greatly appreciated.

    -I use a Monoprice 4x3" Graphic Drawing tablet. The latest drivers are installed and work fine. Drivers for other/previous tablets have been removed already.
    -I use a Windows 7 computer.
    -Tablet functions just fine in MyPaint 1.0, but when I try drawing in 1.1, the brush strokes do this weird "heartbeat" style dip.
    This is what I mean.
    -Do I have to uninstall and/or remove MyPaint 1.0 preferences to get it to work, or is it just because my tablet hasn't been tested as one of the working ones?

  92. I'm normally a user of SAI, and in many things, MyPaint is just as good or better, which honestly amazes me. I wouldn't be surprise if my continued usage of MyPaint proves to out-do SAI totally.

    I'm using windows7 with a radeon HD7850, i7 3820 and 32GB, of ram, an Intuos5, and it's working perfectly.

    Thank you for this amazing program :)

  93. Hello TumaGonx, thank you for your continued port of Mypaint over to windows, as feedback i'm using the following setup with mypaint:

    Windows 7 Ultimate SP1,
    4GB of RAM
    Vapor-X HD6700 ATI Radeon Graphics CARD
    AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE 3,40 Ghz
    Genius MousePen 8x6 Dual Screen Driver (latest downloaded from here: http://download.geniusnet.com/2013/Tablet/Driver%205.02%20D20121225.zip)
    mypaint.exe (GTK 3.6.4, December 14, 2013)

    So far it has worked well i even have pressure sensitivity, it takes some time to start and when it does i get this from the Console DOS prompt:

    INFO: gui.main: Copying log messages to u'C:\\Users\\USER\\AppData\\Loc
    WARNING: gui.main: Redirecting stdout and stderr to u'C:\\Users\\USER\\
    INFO: gui.main: Started logging to u'C:\\Users\\USER\\AppData\\Local\\m

    (mypaint.exe:4180): Gtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: gtk-widgets-assets.css:
    292:59: Error opening file: No such file or directory

    (mypaint.exe:4180): Gtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: gtk-widgets-assets.css:
    323:73: Error opening file: No such file or directory

    ** (mypaint.exe:4180): WARNING **: Can't load fallback CSS resource: Failed to i
    mport: The resource at '/org/gnome/adwaita/gtk-fallback.css' does not exist

    (mypaint.exe:4180): Gtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: gtk-widgets.css:841:20:
    Missing name of pseudo-class

    (mypaint.exe:4180): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_box_reorder_child: assertion 'old_link
    != NULL' failed
    WARNING: gui.workspace: Empty tab group in workspace, not added
    WARNING: gui.workspace: Empty tab group in workspace, not added
    INFO: lib.document: load_ora: u'C:\\Users\\USER\\AppData\\Local\\mypain
    ERROR: lib.document: Could not load any layer, document is empty.
    INFO: lib.document: 0.019s load_ora total
    INFO: gui.filehandling: Loaded scratchpad from u'C:\\Users\\USER\\AppDa
    INFO: gui.application: Looking for GTK devices with pressure
    WARNING: gui.application: No pressure sensitive devices found.
    INFO: gui.freehand: evhack: set_event_compression() is not available, adding evh

    Aside from that i have something i want to ask to you:

    I have a smart cpu resource control application that comes with ASUS Motherboard, it's called the AI Suite II, i can lower the use of my cpu resources, Most of the time i use the maximum power saving setup, which lowers my cpu vcore to something around 0,9 volts, so my cpu will lag with any kind of complicated computing. Of course when i use MyPaint with an underused cpu it lags, but when i enable it to use the 4 cores it works fine.

    Now here's the thing, ive been testing Krita, and well it lagged a lot at first even while using full cpu power, but when i enabled the "Use OpenGL Rendering" function it worked even faster than mypaint when using the max power saving feature, without having to enable my full cpu power.

    I was wondering if this kind of function, to use openGL rendering, would be possible with myPaint, i know this may be an issue that i should target at mypaint developers but i wanted to know what you thought about it AND if it would be of any help for you with your port of MyPaint.

    Once again thank you for your work, you're awesome :)

    1. Those logs are expected but shouldn't harm mypaint.

      I recommend you to use driver from UC-Logic.com it works more reliable.

      About opengl, there is ongoing feature to use gegl based canvas, my build already suppor it but when enabled mypaint throw some python errors. It's being worked by John Nordby, I don't know the state under Linux though. My bet is if gimp has been ported to gegl (not just separate operation) then we may see it on mypaint. Hopefully version 1.2 :-)

  94. There some problem w/latest build (single EXED and previous build) w/Wacom Bamboo P&T and Huion 610Pro: when quick sketching Mypaint draws automatically a line from the point of last PEN UP to the point of next PEN DOWN position.

  95. Me again- same person, new OS and new tablet
    I'm using Windows 8, and a 8x5" Monoprice Tablet (a rebranded Huion, as I'm told)
    Uses the most up to date drivers and such. Pen pressure is not detected even though it's set to screen mode in preferences. Messing with the pressure curve type thing does zilch, just like with my other tablet I've reported here. (Which is also a rebranded Huion)

    Lines are all zigzaggy and don't look at all like a deliberate brush stroke when using the tablet:

    Again, really appreciate your time and effort!